Top 8 Businesses that Need Websites

Top 8 Businesses that Need Websites


“Do you have a business and not a professional website yet?”  If you said “yes”, then it sounds as if you are minimizing your business opportunities and limiting its life expectancy. Some would even say it doesn’t almost exist!  In this modern era, people and companies of all ages and cultures from all 4 corners of the globe utilize the internet for information.

Imagine trying to play a game of football without a real ball or without goalposts.  Yes, you could improvise utilizing other assets to play your game but for sure if you had a real football and full-size goalposts you could immerse yourself and your friends into a match similar to a World Cup Final. Likewise, you cannot effectively and unlimitedly function in the business world, without access to the internet!

If you’re a small business owner or you are just starting out on your business venture, like many, you may think there’s no benefit in having a website when you can do most things simply using a social media Platform!  

But is this enough if you have ambition and you want to thrive within the business marketplace! Maybe you think you can’t afford a professional website so you get a freebie from a friend and try to do it yourself instead.

Business marketplace

But, wake up, smell the coffee, websites work! They bring a new dimension to your business venture.  With an informative website, your business enterprise can change overnight or within minutes as in an instant moment, people from all over the world suddenly have access to what you can do and offer!

Regardless of your business or profession, a website can generate opportunities, promote goodwill among customers and create prospects for both service providers and customers. With a concise and specific marketing message, your customer base can multiply tenfold within minutes. 

Whether your business is small, large, or in-between, well-established or brand-new, a well-thought-out SMART website projects an image of business accruement sending a clear message to your customer base making them want to find out more about what you do or provide.

It is so simple – if you want to be treated as a business then act like a business, become part of the global business community. 

As access and speed to the internet increase so do the potential customer client base.  People use the Web in greater numbers than ever seen before. Even if you have local Small Business ideas, or you are local service, contractor, or consultant, people use search engines to look for your web site - and if you don't have a web site…

Quite frankly, you just don’t get it!  You can’t join the party without an invitation and the website is your invitation to the World of Business!  But who needs a website, how to find businesses that need websites.  We'll identify these points below.

What are the industries/ businesses that need websites the most?

Generally speaking, every business, regardless of industry, benefits from having a website of some form. Whether you’re in F&B, retail, technology, or healthcare, it pays to have a well laid-out, designed, and easily navigable website. After all, we live in the 21st century when all businesses require websites. Below find businesses that need websites. Check out the list of industries that have a relatively great need. 


#1. E-Commerce Business


In this category, we can include many types of business – Agriculture, Manufacturing, Clothing -businesses that rely on the internet for customers and sales obviously need websites in order to sell their products. Retail businesses have to have an online presence to survive into the future and to keep up with competitors.

Ecommerce stores and any kind of commercial website are beneficial for any business that offers products or services for sale.

What else is easier today than ordering products online and waiting for delivery. Online shopping is what people prefer today. So, online commerce is one of the businesses that need websites today. 

Website for E-commerce businesses

You may also get familiar with the benefits of an e-commerce website.


#2. Education


To communicate with parents, send emergency communications, and ensure information is shared becomes a requirement.  At higher education levels more and more homework projects and tasks are delivered and monitored through internet sharing.  Across most modern-day schools student performance reports are now backed up by direct communication with parents over the internet.

The online learning industry is constantly growing and automation services will be its future. The digital landscape changes fast and realizing processes through online channels and technologies is easier, fast, and more comfortable.

E-teaching platforms facilitate both the teachers’ and students’ responsibilities. Knowledge is easily shared and received through a custom website. It may be implemented individually or with a website builder.

Educational websites

In the e-learning industry, there are a lot of online teaching sites that help creators make use of advanced features and share knowledge easily. Many online education providers also prefer to work with a good online quiz maker.


#3. Travel Agencies 


The times when travel agencies could work offline are gone. Nowadays, travelers use mobile phones, laptops, or other devices to look for travel agents who are online and will provide their required services. A travel website will present your company as a reliable tour provider, and deliver your full service, serving your clients 24/7. The “why” -s of having a travel website is as more as the number of benefits it provides businesses.

Websites for travel agencies

These days, people may get in touch with travel agencies, book tours, and organizing the overall traveling process online.


#4. The Hospitality Industry


I think hotels that sell to customers far away from their location need websites the most. If you are looking for customers over 500 miles away from you or overseas then having a website is essential.  It is a MUST HAVE tool for your business!

If you don’t operate a website, the only way your potential customers may hear about your business is by word of mouth, while the last time that method was relied upon was centuries ago! So, do not disappoint customers. Offer them a functional platform where they may find all the related information to your hotel business and easily make reservations and make use of your services.


#5. The Health Industry


It’s an exciting time for medical professionals to operate practices. If your passion is to support your community, a website can put you into contact with your entire neighborhood.
Perhaps you need to grow your business? When do people look for medical assistance the most? When there’s an emergency. And if your future patients are anything like me, they will grab their Smartphones to find the best health expert around.

Website for health industry


#6. The Food Industry


If I can’t find you on Google Maps I will probably never visit your restaurant and taste your food. And no, it’s not enough to be featured on tourism or restaurant blogs. If I don’t see your website on a Google search list I actually wonder if you still exist.

Why drive to your location if I may end up in front of closed doors? I would rather search for another restaurant. You just missed me as a client.

I do most of my restaurant searches on my Smartphone. And if there’s an option of ‘Click to Call’ it’s even better. According to 2013 statistics, 43% of online browsers used this feature when searching for a place to eat. They don’t simply want to look for you online. They want to make contact immediately.  And when we say immediately WE MEAN NOW!


#7. Construction & Building


The Internet gives you a virtually unlimited platform where you can distinguish yourself as an industry expert to showcase their current projects, their previous accomplishments as well as their future works. Maintaining a professional reputation as an authoritative figure online relies on outreach, which can have a great deal to do with your company’s marketing strategy.


#8. Niche Businesses


Your website is even more important if you have a unique business. Business and technology are interrelated today.

In order to promote your business in an image that captures the imagination of your client base, you must send A CLEAR MESSAGE to the customer.  The best, fastest, and easiest method to ensure this occurs is via the internet.  You already have a limited number of clients that respond to your service or product. Why restrict this number by not marketing to a larger audience?

The internet and your website put you in touch with people all over the world. And you know how easy it has become to ship something to another country.  You can do it in minutes and all because of internet access.

People interested in niche objects are usually knowledgeable of the specialist market. Extensive information is required to impress them. What better solution than placing everything at their disposal via their fingertips on your site? Quick, simple to use but FAST!

Consumers—even niche clients—are getting used to fast service: Fast food, online purchases, and Googling for any information they need. If you can’t provide details—or purchase options—fast they’ll move to one of your competitors.




If you are a Taxi Driver you must have a car! If you are a soldier you need a weapon! To be married you need a partner!  If you are a hairdresser you need a pair of scissors and If you ARE A BUSINESS YOU NEED A WEBSITE! However, starting a new eCommerce store from scratch has never been a simple task for everyone. For example, you have to face a thousand questions like, which platform should I use?; Opencart or Magento?; how to promote my page to many people?

Don’t wait, websites make a change! They are the difference between failure, mediocrity, and success.  If you have ambition for your business do not get left behind! Get a website now, no matter how small, how basic, or how simple – get a website THIS INSTANT and start climbing the steps to business heaven!

Actually having a website means your business message is spread all over the world and people will know about the services and products you deliver. So, having a website for business or industry is actually THE MOST BASIC OF BASIC requirements.  if you were to ask me “what businesses need websites the most?” Simple the answer is – ALL of them.

“If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business.” - Bill Gates.

Now, do you get it!

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