The Benefit of Commercial Website for Businesses

The Benefit of Commercial Website for Businesses

The continual development of technology and the advantageous role of the Internet in daily life is a challenge for current businesses to reach as many potential customers as possible. One of the targeted industries is online commerce that is known in the sphere of e-commerce (Electronic commerce). 

E-commerce refers to using computer networks and the Internet to purchase, introduce, sell, transport, ship, or trade goods, data, or services. Along with the increasing need of the eCommerce industry, every businessman tends to have an online store where a range of products or services is presented to potential buyers.

Going for online success, one may get a lot of e-commerce benefits as a comprehensive range of online advantages are possible to retailers and merchants. Yet, e-commerce services are beneficial not only for businesses but also for customers and the general public. As for today, we’re going to investigate the advantages from three sides and explain the importance of a commercial website for businesses. If you also want to move your business into an e-store, then you are in the right place. Come on!


What is a Commercial Website?


The commercial website may be considered any web platform that is used for the sale of retail items, any type of goods, or products that become available for sale for the general public. This is not only about products but also services. These days many companies sell services online.


Custom E-commerce Solutions


While the online market booms and anything can be ordered with just a single click, to remain competitive means selling through the Internet. The term online shopping has become a buzzword and many development companies offer online platforms for managing shopping activities. However, what really matters is to get a custom e-commerce solution for better brand promotion. 

The fully customized e-commerce platforms reflect the personality of your company and cover all the features you and your customers require. The important point is to trust a company that highlights the individuality of your e-commerce services. Custom eCommerce websites provide a form of greater control, flexibility, and scalability. By choosing a custom e-commerce store, you get:

✔ an attractive design that reflects your brand image
✔ features that meet your shoppers’ unique needs
✔ custom coupon or promo codes
✔ specialized shipping options
✔ a specific credit card processor
✔ data security

So, the choice is yours whether to choose a platform that your competitors use or select an out-of-the-box solution. Yet,  before making your right decision check out how an e-commerce website may influence your business activity.

As the success of businesses depends on satisfied customers and society, first of all, we’ll consider the point from the perspective of customers, then society, and only in the end, we’ll wrap up the overall profit for businesses. Here you will get answers to your e-commerce questions.


The Benefit of Ecommerce for Customers

№1 Convenience


Customers are attracted to e-commerce by its accessibility and comfort. People enjoy shopping online because it is more convenient and easy. As buyers-to-be, they get several advantages.

  • There is a wide variety of products or services to choose from
  • Detailed information is introduced so that no concern is left

Commercial website convenience

№2 Travel Elimination


Before, when there wasn’t any online store, people used to pass long distances to reach any place where the brick and mortar store they prefer is located. Along with the time, commercial businesses move to the digital platform which, in turn, facilitates the responsibilities of the buyers and makes it possible to “reach” any shop destination by several clicks. Today it’s possible to order any required product online even lying on the sofa, without leaving the home.


№3 Time-Saving


Ecommerce solutions allow buying both services and products whenever preferable, regardless of the time of day. No longer the buyers have to waste time and energy and reach a specific location to make purchases. Instead, they just order and spend their time on more important activities while the order is being shipped or delivered.

Ecommerce website time-saving

№4 Accessibility


An online platform minimizes the effort users make. Sometimes even calling a shop seems like a headache. A commercial website gives an opportunity to follow the reviews of the previous customers and consider their opinion that is formed according to a real experience. 

Due to its convenience, consumers can save lots of time as well as money by searching for their products easily and making purchasing online.


The Benefit of Ecommerce for Society


  • Enables more individuals to work at home, and travel less for shopping, resulting in less traffic on the roads, and lower air pollution
  • Allows some merchandise to be sold at lower prices, benefiting less affluent people
  • Enables more people to enjoy the products and services which otherwise are not available to them (as for people in rural places)
  • Facilitates delivery of public services at a reduced cost, increases effectiveness, and/or improves the quality
  • Introduces less expensive products and services 
  • Conducts quick comparisons
  • Allows quick delivery of products and services (especially with digitized products)
  • Offers virtual auctions


The Benefit of Ecommerce for Businesses

№1 Market Expansion


In the case of a physical store, businesses are limited by the geographical area they can service. As an e-commerce website owner, you face the whole world as your playground. E-commerce companies achieve their eCommerce goals by reaching a wider market and even go global, extending the range of their audience.

Ecommerce market expansion


Due to an e-commerce website, it’s easy to gain new customers by optimizing search engine visibility. Online retail is driven by search engine traffic. Looking for specific services or products on search engines, people search for keywords and reach similar content. So, having implemented a detailed SEO optimization, you may rank higher and appear first on the search engine results pages.


№2 Low Cost


Lowered cost is one of the most essential advantages of e-commerce that is why it doesn’t require a high-risk. Below you may find some of the common ways that costs may be reduced with online commerce.

Compared to traditional channels, online advertising is relatively cheaper and it’s easier to adjust to fit your budget. Advertisement is cheaper online. Imagine you spend a lot of money and time on printing billboard ads that don’t appear to work effectively. So, you lose your investment. 

On the other hand, imagine you manage an online advertising campaign and it doesn’t seem to work well. You may pause the ad whenever you want or make changes and experiments to get the expected result.

Ecommerce low cost

While operating an e-store, you don’t need to hire in-house staff but consider integrating a chat-bot or customer service instead of live-help.

Passive Earning
If it’s possible to keep your shop open 24/7 and you are able to expand your suggestions to the global audience, it means that you have the potential to earn a passive income stream. Your revenue doesn’t necessarily depend on great salespeople or working hours. When you and your customers are no longer limited by management such as location and time of day, you have plenty of opportunities to boost revenue in new ways.  


№3 Knowledge of Customer Behavior 


Websites as e-commerce solutions, help to collect information data about the users and their flow on your web platform. Your website cookies identify the users and save their data.

Knowledge of customer behavior

There are some analytical tools that are integrated into your web commerce portal and help you form an idea about the users’ behavior on your website, such as what pages they visit, what kind of products/services they are likely to check out, what brands or organizations they tend to use, etc.


№4 Targeted Communication


Like any kind of online platform, e-commerce portals help organizations directly talk to their target audience. Having analyzed the user behavior on your website, you already know what requirements and preferences they have so that you identify what language to use in order to make an influence and meet their needs. Many companies even operate eCommerce blogs to highlight the value of their brand, product or service and provide detailed information as proof.

Ecommerce targeted communication

Online commercial websites may be considered to be a form of digital marketing portals. Connecting this platform to different digital marketing tools, you may collect the data of your potential clients (as for example people who have visited your web page, or add an item to the shopping cart but haven’t bought it yet). Having a group of people you may organize a retargeting campaign and introduce the services/products they are likely to be interested in.

As you have automatically integrated information about your customers in the system, you can easily personalize promotions and similar business offers and accordingly, reach your business objectives.


№5 Trust 


Currently, when the buyers look for required products/services online, an e-commerce website may evoke trust in your business. Online shopping is expected to grow in a fast way as more and more people turn to this form of shopping that offers people a vast of advantages brick and mortar stores lack.

Customer trust

In the world going online, having a commercial portal as one of the effective eCom solutions is a competitive advantage and help to go along with the global trends, and meanwhile, stand out from the crowd of traders.


To Sum Up  


Having analyzed all the essential benefits e-commerce may have for customers, society, and your business, as well as studying these benefits on the real experience of online stores, we can’t but accept the importance of an e-commerce website. As a result, if you want to highlight your business advantage and uniqueness there is no chance but coming to an e-commerce solution for your brand.

Still hesitate about where to start from?

 and we’ll come up with fresh and custom e-commerce suggestions specific to your business needs.


Vera Mirzoyan

Article by: Vera Mirzoyan
Published on: June 24, 2020
Last updated on: February 23, 2023