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Tel:( +374 ) 44 477 577 , E-mail: info(at)
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An Insight Into the AIST Team Culture...

We’re at our best when we have complex, difficult projects to get our teeth into. We love to overcome technical software problems with maximum function and elegance.

At the same time, we know what would happen if we let the little things slip. The less exciting tasks for a web development agency, such as customer reporting, and super fast bug fixing are the foundations.

So, we create strict standard operating procedures and goal monitoring for the small stuff...

This means that we can tackle tasks that most of our competitors couldn’t handle. At the same time, the smallest, simplest task is being dynamically processed and monitored.

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We know that we’re in a crowded market. We understand where some competitors go wrong, and others stand the test of time. Without giving away too many ‘secret sauce’ ingredients to our success...

We know that the vast majority of clients are price focused, they want the best possible solutions, for the lowest price. We’re OK with that, because we know that we can match anyone for quality. Our streamlined processes and geographical location make us unbeatable.


We know that we need to get into the minds of our clients, and their customers. These creative insights allow us to deliver software that is close to perfect on the first client review. This saves us a lot of time by not needing the re-do’s that some design agencies need to do to make their clients happy.

The BottomThe Bottom line is that we need to constantly deliver the best product at the lowest price. We leave design agencies in London and California scratching their heads. They wonder how we can do such a great job at these prices - on time and within budget!


We realise that we’re not saving the planet or curing cancer, we salute those who are. We’re just happy working as a cohesive team of equally skilled website designers. We bounce ideas and insights off each other as we get into the mental state of peak performance.

As for long term vision? The internet, and software development moves way to fast. Long term in our business is about a year. In the meantime we’re happy rocking our clients worlds with our software wizardry!

Our Clients About Us

Scott Eaton

Scott Eaton

Artist, Photographer & Creative Director

Hrayr and his team at AIST Global have been integral to the development, launch, and running of my site. They took on the difficult task of salvaging a partially complete website from a collapsed web-design company. From this difficult beginning they helped upgrade the front and backend increasing performance, security, and the overall usability of the site. I have very high standards for the look and performance of the site, and they implemented my seemingly endless requests quickly and efficiently. The site looks and runs great and they were a huge part of making this happen. From the beginning communication has been excellent and they are incredibly responsive when things need urgent attention.I feel like Hrayr is part of the BiM team, and I will happily continue to work with him on current and upcoming project. 

Hyacinth Mussenden

Hyacinth Mussenden

CEO/Founder at Syncopp

Hrayr and his team at AIST Global do an amazing job and I couldn't ask for more! They have a strong eye for design, which dramatically improved the look and professionalism of my site. They are also exceptional coders, capable of implementing any functionality I dream of. They are a tremendous asset to my company and I wouldn't want to work with anyone else.

Jason Lavis

Jason Lavis

Managing Director

Hrayr and his team at AIST Global were a joy to work with. You know the phrase: 'If you want something done properly then do it yourself'...? It was as if I was doing it myself and I was a kick-ass programmer. Hrayr gave the same attention to detail, diligence, and out of the box thinking for site improvements that I pride myself in when working. Work was done faster and to a better standard than I have ever experienced in outsourced work tasks that I have farmed out over the years.

Janice Ling

Janice Ling


Team AIST Global are Wondermakers. They are quick to respond, find solutions, recommend better and more sustainable/viable tools, provide support and help our Company achieve more. We highly recommend this company over and above other companies. They are more than talented and capable. The uniqueness of their team work and depth of their knowledge, expertise plus talent makes this Team an asset for our company.

Theeya Musitief

Theeya Musitief

Founder at Gift Basket Discount

AIST Global is comprised of professional and friendly staff which provide quality web services. From the beginning, AIST is there providing frank advice and guidance to help prevent many of the mistakes novice web development consumers make through online freelancer marketplaces. They are intelligent, knowledgeable and highly capable. I have been impressed time after time when functionality I requested for my website was implemented with quality and precision. The team is also highly responsive and quickly address any issues or concerns raised to them. Customer satisfaction is a pillar of their values and is reflected by how long and hard the team works. When it comes to outsourcing web development services, AIST should be a top consideration. 

Maureen Carreau

Maureen Carreau

President International Women's Association of Yerevan

AIST Global developed a new website for "The International Women's Association of Yerevan".  They were so professional and allowed us to work together as a team. AIST Global has the best understanding of our vision which was then presented in a clean and attractive package.  We were very pleased with the final product and look forward to our continued association.


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