About - AIST Global


We are AIST - innovative, result-driven, smart architects and creative designers that come together like a dream team to build something incredible just for you.

You may think we are robots who live with codes yet we’re human. But it’s true we love our work and are passionate about it. However, life at AIST isn’t only about hardworking. Our friendly team doesn't miss any chance to celebrate the ordinary day, share a cake, play chess and have fun.

Values define us:

  • Respect We know that you trust your business to us. We appreciate it and try to feel the way you do.
  • Honesty Doing the right thing matters to us. We revel in being honest.
  • Punctuality We respect your and our time and believe time management matters.
  • Ingenuity We constantly look at what’s next to match our solutions to the current innovative trends.
  • About - AIST Global Difference We make a difference, providing solutions based on technology, creativity, and innovation.

Also, we love to meet new people. So come and share a cup of coffee with us. You are more than welcome.

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About - AIST Global
About - AIST Global


Hrayr Hrayr

Hrayr Shahbazyan

Jor Jor

Zhora Alekyan

Vahe Vahe

Vahe Saroyan

Front-End Developer
Karen Karen

Karen Ter-Stepanyan

UI Developer
Shant Shant

Shant Chakhmakhchyan

Back-End Developer
Shushan Shushan

Shushan Shahbazyan

SEO Specialist
Svetlana Svetlana

Svetlana Ayvazyan

UI/UX Designer
Mariam Mariam

Mariam Mazhinyan

Project Manager
Gevorg Gevorg

Gevorg Sargsyan

Front-End Developer
Lusine Lusine

Lusine Mkhitaryan

SMM Specialist
Gayane Gayane

Gayane Harutyunyan

QA Specialist
Jirayr Jirayr

Zhirayr Grigoryan

Back-End Developer
Vera Vera

Vera Mirzoyan

Digital Marketing Specialist
Argishti Argishti

Argishti Poghosyan

Back-End Developer
Ani Ani

Ani Sahakyan

Graphic Designer
Syuzi Syuzi

Syuzi Vardapetyan

Back-End Developer
Adriana Adriana

Adriana Gabrielyan

Front-End Developer
Anahit Anahit

Anahit Manukyan

Project Manager
Hermine Hermine

Hermine Davtyan

IT Instructor
Areg Areg

Areg Sargsyan

Back-End Developer
Ara Ara

Ara Tepanyan

Front-End Developer
Arman Arman

Arman Mirzakhanyan

Back-End Developer
Armine Armine

Armine Barseghyan

QA Specialist
Artur Artur

Arthur Melikyan

Back-End Developer
Gohar Gohar

Gohar Nuroyan

Back-End Developer
Gor Gor

Gor Aleksanyan

Product Manager
Lana Lana

Svetlana Nikoghosyan

Back-End Developer
Mariam Mariam

Mariam Maghakyan

Business Development Intern
Harut Harut

Harut Harutyunyan

Back-End Developer
Milena Milena

Milena Karapetyan

Business Development Intern

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