Contact Details:
Main address: 16 Vratsakan St, 0051 0033 Yerevan, Armenia ,
Tel:( +374 ) 44 477 577 , E-mail: info(at)


AIST stands for: Armenian Innovative Smart Team.

We’re proud to be ARMENIAN. We realise that this gives us huge cost advantages over our ‘first world’ global competitors. We won’t accept that our skills, or delivered software is in any way ‘third world’ or ‘developing’, like some of our similarly priced competitors.
Software code is a universal language, much like love… With enough passion and effort, anyone can love or write software code equally, regardless of their mother tongue!

We’re SMART, but not just in the way you think. Of course, everyone likes to think of themselves as smart or intelligent. Every company wants to hire the smartest people. This isn’t the way that we view ourselves. We define smart as an optimised, synergistic team with creative, streamlined solutions. We would compare ourselves more to a smartphone than to Albert Einstein.
A Smartphone has everything you need, helps you through the good and bad, and never leaves you. Just like us!

A TEAM should me more than the sum of its parts. As you know in your business, a team can perform badly based factors such as politics, arbitrary rules, and micro-managing. The best teams keep pushing boundaries, and break records. We harness the best of individual personalities as well as simply hiring qualified professionals with outstanding software skills. This means that we’re able to deliver the highest quality web services to even the most discerning of clients.

AIST Global LLC is a cutting edge Web Development and Design Company that provides a high class of service to its clients worldwide. We’ve worked in big international markets and gained an enviable reputation for ourselves. We’re also able to understand the needs of small businesses such as e-commerce, or even blogging. We can compete at all levels, we understand that much of our competition is also world class. By understanding our competition, and setting our sights high, we’ve been able to achieve better results then we ourselves had thought possible.


We’re the bridge between your business proposition and vision, and your best clients.
We’re the lubrication that reduces the friction in your sales funnel.
We’re the online public relations and image team that handles the visual aspects of your companies online profile.
We’re the internet equivalent of model, catwalk, hairdresser, make-up person and stylist for your latest collection!

We help you in that challenging task of getting online visitors to stay on your website or application, and guide them to convert. We’ve profound experience especially in the following fields: E-commerce, Antivirus Web Apps, Blog Development, CRM, E-learning, Photography Web Apps, Theatre Websites, Real Estate Websites, Drilling Community Websites, Heating System Control Web Apps, Health Care Web Apps and more.
Your product or service not on the list? Let’s add it because we love a new challenge…


We build, design and develop websites and applications, taking into account your specific business or personal needs, budget and time. We revel in helping you to stand out from the crowd. We truly believe that we can compete with any programmer or web designer in the world on quality. Only a fraction of them can compete with us on price, and overall value for money. Our satisfaction is derived from the satisfaction of our clients and we strive to maintain long term relationships. When we get a favourable review or thank you letter, we all go wild and dance around the office.
Almost sold but not quite? We offer a full money back guarantee. We’ll keep adjusting the software until you are completely satisfied.
We can start on a small job so that you can test us out…
What’s not to like? We hope to see you soon as a client!