Armenian Innovative & Smart Team

AIST Global is founded in 2016, Yerevan, Armenia. We are a software agency, providing high-class web and application development and design services worldwide. We solve complex business challenges through latest technology solutions. Our professional team of developers, architects and designers show a unique approach for each client, taking into account specific business needs and a budget. Our tailored software solutions helped over 100 businesses to grow. They are now one step ahead of the competition, and what about you? Check our services and portfolio; surely you will find inspiration for your business.

Our Mission

We strive to provide solutions for any specific business needs, but our final mission is client satisfaction. Thus we never stop adjusting the software to achieve that simple but important goal. We provide continuous support on any project or product. Of course, we love technology, but we are also customer oriented, and the final result is what drives us. Our satisfaction is derived from the satisfaction of our clients, and we attempt to maintain long-term relationships.

For Every Minute Spent Organizing, an Hour is Earned

We organise working process effectively to meet deadlines. You can follow our working process from inside out, and make your comments and additions. During the whole working process, you’ll be invited to attend meetings via web and video conferences.

Team Work is a Dream Work

You will love working with us because you are going to be a part of our talented team that works in a healthy environment. We are experienced, result-driven people of smart architects and creative designers that come together like a dream team to build something incredible just for you.

The Culture

Life at AIST is not only about hardworking, but also sharing knowledge, thoughts and cakes. If it happens that you are in Armenia, we invite you for a cup of coffee.

Give us a Shout

Creative Thoughts Become Real Products

Creative thoughts are always with us. Our clients love to hear new and fresh ideas related to their projects; however, the final decision is theirs. We collaborate on projects, do brainstorming to ensure proper advice for your business.