Konstantin Saroyan

FEAS Secretary General

AIST Global has been working for the “Federation of Euro-Asian Stock Exchanges” new website development project since the beginning of 2020, demonstrating high professionalism, coming up with creative approaches, and willingness to perform the assigned tasks within the deadlines. I am confident about the services of this company and I strongly recommend this great team to any company, who wants great results timely delivered.

Dr Mariam Mnatsakanyan

Chief Scientist and Founder at VirtuPharma Pty Ltd

Throughout the time, the team at the AIST took all the tasks of the signed project with responsibilities which they were entrusted to our satisfaction. Especially, they connected efficiently and proactively with our team allowing an efficient collaboration. Both projects were delivered on time and professionally. To achieve the tasks in a timely manner the team at the AIST was very effective in communicating with our team despite the distance and time difference. They worked continuously engaged with us by receiving our feedback and responding to our enquiries in a diligent manner. We are starting a new project with the AIST and we hope to collaborate with the team for a long run. AIST has been instrumental to our successful launching. We recommend strongly this great team to anyone who wants great results timely delivered.

Svetlana Bulashevska

Co-founder at Ritual Diving

They are highly motivated to produce their best results in a short time. Just searching on the internet, I liked their home page and their vision. Our project is the development of an internet platform offering tourism services. The current project is the first part of a bigger goal - to create a platform for tourism and traveling. The idea is to develop a virtual "office" enabling to collect content about special touristic places around the world.

Avetik Grigoryan

Founder at ChessMood

Chess Mood was my first website. I'm not sure how many websites I'll have in the future, but I'm sure, I'll have just one developer's team. They did a crystal clear job super fast and made my website much better than I wanted.

Ani Khachatryan

Co-Founder & CEO, Mind Center LLC

Every specialist in AIST is a professional in his/her field. The team was working and cooperating with each other so good. The designer and the programmers accepted and completed every requirement we had. They designed, developed and launched the website, provided marketing support and discussed every detail with me. They are poofy and can guide and suggest the best possible solution.

Michael Johnson

Founder at Wally Software, LLC

I've been working with AIST for a long time and will continue to use this team long into the future. A GREAT team! HIGHLY recommended.

Ani Hovhannesyan

Marketing Manager, Yerevan Chocolate Company CJSC

I worked with Hrayr (CEO, AIST), who was responsible for their team. Based on the initial design we provided them with, AIST developed a fast, user-friendly website. They also incorporated detail and page changes we decided on during the process. SEO and SMM strategies were a key part of our requirements, and AIST delivered them as well. They delivered exactly what we wanted: a user-friendly site and a professional admin panel. Everyone I worked with was creative, professional, and organized. They delivered high quality, too. "We got along well, so there were no miscommunications."We’re satisfied with the final product and will be using AIST again on other projects.

Jason Lavis

Managing Director of OOTBI

Hrayr and his team at AIST were a joy to work with. You know the phrase: "If you want something done properly then do it yourself" It was as if I was doing it myself and I was a kick-ass programmer. Hrayr gave the same attention to detail, diligence, and out of the box thinking for site improvements that I pride myself in when working. Work was done faster and to a better standard than I have ever experienced in outsourced work tasks that I have farmed out over the years.

Artyom Gharibyan

Head of IT, Spirit Of Soft LLC

We needed web development services to create a timetable auto-generation web application that could collect the necessary information to generate any type of timetable for schools. AIST team did the UI/UX design for our application, then the development, QA and documentation. The team built an excellent application that meets the required need perfectly. They managed the work effectively, communicating smoothly, and clearly defining different tasks. We had direct access to both project managers and the wider team, which kept the lines of communication completely open. Project management was very impressive. We communicated exclusively with Skype and Trello, while they defined the different tasks and managed the workflow.

Tobias Wittmann

Team Leader, GIZ

In the frame of Integrated Biodiversity Management, South Caucasus regional project commissioned by BMZ and implemented jointly by GIZ and partner ministries AIST Global LCC was contracted to provide consultancy services for the development of an online fishing and hunting permits management system within the Ministry of Nature Protection of the Republic of Armenia. The consultancy was contracted for the period of five months, from September 2018 to January 2019 and AIST has provided fully satisfactory services so far.

Ry Bruscoe

Architecture and Planning, Revup Render

Hrayr and his team AIST are extremely hard working and dependable. They hold expert knowledge with all things related to website development. I have worked with them for over two years and they always go above and beyond to get the job done. I highly recommend Hrayr’s team to anyone who might be in need their services.

Suman Mukherjee

Head of Marketing, Vehere

I’m the head of marketing at Vehere. We provide cyber defense and intelligence to governments and organizations. My company hired AIST to redesign our website. We wanted our website to better reflect the company’s brand identity, incorporate best practices for website UI, and present engaging content to visitors. AIST completely revamped the site and developed the CMS. They made the site SEO-friendly. The team provides continuous upgrades and improvements. Our industry peers and the company’s channel partner community have appreciated the redesigned site. Site traffic continues to increase. AIST’s quick turnaround times are the most impressive. “They are willing to go the extra mile to ensure we find value in their offering.”

Scott Eaton

Director, Bodies in Motion

Hrayr and his team at AIST have been integral to the development, launch, and running of my site. They took on the difficult task of salvaging a partially complete website from a collapsed web-design company. From this difficult beginning, they helped upgrade the front and backend increasing performance, security, and the overall usability of the site. I have very high standards for the look and performance of the site, and they implemented my seemingly endless requests quickly and efficiently. The site looks and runs great and they were a huge part of making this happen. From the beginning, communication has been excellent and they are incredibly responsive when things need urgent attention. I feel like Hrayr is part of the BiM team, and I will happily continue to work with him on current and upcoming project.

Alex Petty

Torpedo Media, CTO

I have had the privilege of working with AIST in several ways and in all of these instances, found that they demonstrated great natural ability and strong leadership. Rarely have I had the pleasure of working with a team so capable as both technologists and administrators. AIST team is proactive, result-oriented, responsible and always ready to put all their energy and time into getting the job done. I give Hrayr’s team my highest recommendation and believe them to be a great asset for any team lucky enough to have them.

Arman Vermishyan

National Coordinator Caucasus Nature Fund

It is my pleasure to provide a recommendation letter to AIST. I’ve had an opportunity to work with AIST team for 9 months within one of the Caucasus Nature Fund projects. AIST team’s skillful and highly qualified developers have quickly comprehended the task and provided excellent quality within required deadlines, implemented professional consulting and suggested best solutions. I hope to continue our cooperation with this company.

Matt Sears

Executive Manager of ShopDog

AIST team is really amazing. They work very hard and are able to get project done really fast. I have yet to find a situation that they can't handle. We will definitely have a long relationship with Hrayr and his team AIST and highly recommend them to everyone.

Karapet Davtyan

Founding member of TBRPC

AIST provided development support to create a digital web-based educational and knowledge-sharing platform. After a fast-paced development phase, AIST rapidly delivered the online platform. The deliverable they produced attracted interest from potential new clients, which offers the promise of business growth. They instated an effective workflow and provided consistent transparency. AIST gave us an excellent performance in terms of speed. The development went quickly and efficiently. This project is still ongoing, but we already have received interest from new partners. Working with AIST helped us increase interest among potential clients. AIST was cost-effective, honest, and fast. This company gave us confidence and sustainability for our future maintenance.

Maureen Carreau

President International Women's Association of Yerevan

AIST developed a new website for "The International Women's Association of Yerevan". They were so professional and allowed us to work together as a team. AIST has the best understanding of our vision which was then presented in a clean and attractive package. We were very pleased with the final product and look forward to our continued association.

Steve Hauxwell

Founder at Natrespro

Hrayr and his team at AIST have been instrumental in the development of our product at NATRESPRO. It is rare to encounter such dedication and professionalism. Most software development companies work on a principle that the client has little knowledge, and exploit every opportunity to increase the contract value. Not so with Hrayr, who delivers above and beyond the contract terms. I have no hesitation in offering him the highest level of praise.

Aram Movsisyan

Founder, Yans Media

AIST revamped a website, creating a fresher look while preserving its existing SEO and marketing groundwork. They also optimized the site for inbound marketing and suggested the most suitable builder. The new website looks great and is faster regardless of the abundant media it contains. It has boosted inquiries and overall business for the company. AIST excels at seeing the bigger picture and not just the tech. The website looks fantastic, and the speed is incredible, especially since we have a lot of media content on it as a design studio. The best thing is that we have more inquiries and business because the website's map is intelligent. Most web development companies are just tech-oriented. AIST, on the other hand, understands that there are marketing objectives behind every tech goal.

Hyacinth Mussenden

CEO/Founder at Syncopp

Hrayr and his team at AIST do an amazing job and I couldn't ask for more! They have a strong eye for design, which dramatically improved the look and professionalism of my site. They are also exceptional coders, capable of implementing any functionality I dream of. They are a tremendous asset to my company and I wouldn't want to work with anyone else.

Breson DeLater

Owner Cerberus Consulting

AIST built us a web platform to collect a broad range of data inputs and output them in a clear format. They also built us a system to track our projects and deliver them to customers, which gives us and our customers access to the information. Expect AIST to follow an efficient process and use their technical skills to fulfill specific project requests. We were able to communicate our thoughts and see results with very little delay. This project and the work that they did for us will completely change our business model and revolutionize not only our company but hopefully the industry as a whole. As our industry is very specific, they didn’t come in understanding our business goals, yet they were able to fill in the gaps in the best way possible. We gave them general directions and they produced a project that was better than we could imagine.

Janice Ling


Team AIST are Wondermakers. They are quick to respond, find solutions, recommend better and more sustainable/viable tools, provide support and help our Company achieve more. We highly recommend this company over and above other companies. They are more than talented and capable. The uniqueness of their teamwork and depth of their knowledge, expertise plus talent makes this Team an asset for our company.