Working together to create successful projects

Scott Eaton

,,Artist, Photographer & Creative Director

AIST Global have been integral to the development, launch, and running of my site. They took on the difficult task of salvaging a partially complete website from a collapsed web-design company. From this difficult beginning they helped upgrade the front and backend increasing performance, security, and the overall usability of the site. I have very high standards for the look and performance of the site, and they implemented my seemingly endless requests quickly and efficiently. The site looks and runs great and they were a huge part of making this happen.

Michael Johnson

,, Founder at Wally Software, LLC.

ve been working with AIST Global for a long time and will continue to use this team long into the future. A GREAT team! HIGHLY recommended.

Jason Lavis

,,Managing Director

Hrayr and his team at AIST Global were a joy to work with. You know the phrase: If you want something done properly then do it yourself...? It was as if I was doing it myself and I was a kick-ass programmer. Hrayr gave the same attention to detail, diligence, and out of the box thinking for site improvements that I pride myself in when working. Work was done faster and to a better standard than I have ever experienced in outsourced work tasks that I have farmed out over the years.

Janice Ling

,, LetsGo2Class

Team AIST Global are Wondermakers. They are quick to respond, find solutions, recommend better and more sustainable/viable tools, provide support and help our Company achieve more. We highly recommend this company over and above other companies. They are more than talented and capable. The uniqueness of their team work and depth of their knowledge, expertise plus talent makes this Team an asset for our company.

Hyacinth Mussenden

,, CEO/Founder at Syncopp

Hrayr and his team at AIST Global do an amazing job and I coud not ask for more! They have a strong eye for design, which dramatically improved the look and professionalism of my site. They are also exceptional coders, capable of implementing any functionality I dream of. They are a tremendous asset to my company and I would not want to work with anyone else.