e-learning vs traditional learning

Think You Know How to Make Money with Teaching? Find Out Now!

Whether You are a highly experienced teacher/professor or just a beginner in the teaching, getting added revenue becomes harder in these days. So, why not to profit from technological advancements?
eLearning is the opportunity for professors, not only for students to move forward!

I am sure you have already heard about different tools to integrate for: 

1)    Saving your time
2)    Making more money
3)    Getting rid of the technical part of the work
4)    Working more effectively on your individual branding
5)    Sharing your knowledge & skills much more widely

So, what are the main widespread tools that professors and teachers utilize to teach their students online? And what makes those more or less productive?

Let’s list a few eLearning platforms & see those main benefits & drawbacks.


Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts

One of the highly widespread tools that teachers use nowadays to organize online lessons by connecting a classroom with another one. 

Google Hangouts benefits are:

1.    It’s a free tool
2.    Has an opportunity to create video lessons
So, this is mainly for those who don’t look for a tool with advanced features, just a space to run online lectures.



This is a social media platform just for teachers, schoolchildren & students and their parents.
If you wish to assign homework online and track each student’s performance, Edmodo is a great solution for you. 

So, what are its benefits?

1.    Although Edmodo isn’t a free platform, it has a free option as well
2.    Has a performance assessing feature
3.    Edmodo is the most interactive one among all the listed



This tool is designed for creating quizzes & questionnaires. 

Who is Kahoot! for?

1.    For teachers who want to evaluate regularly their students’ progress
2.    For those who need an easy usable tool to complete the quiz wherever they want

ezTalks Meetings

ezTalks Meetings

This is a high-quality video conferencing tool, which is a perfect choice for those whose main purpose is carrying out online lectures & don’t need any other additional resources. 

ezTalks Meetings has a Starter plan that is free to use.

Each of these platforms & others not listed here is for answering to a specific demand, but no platform provides a full package of all the needs that teachers have. So, you have to be present simultaneously in a few educational websites for getting the desired results from eLearning. And this is the primary disadvantage of all these platforms especially for private tutors and professors who aim to earn with the help of eLearning and do their work in a highly organized way.

Of course, you have also an opportunity to put your lessons in the online education sites, but in this case, you will have to pay a commission for each of the sold lesson. For this reason, many private tutors create their own educational platform for: 

1.    Putting their lessons in one space, 
2.    Engaging more students 
3    And not sharing the earned money with a 3rd party

Reach more students

Here is a conclusion: ordering a unique Learning Management System (LMS) for creating online training is the ultimate solution to run online lessons & not be dependent on anything!

So, a question to be asked: do you want to teach online and profit from all the great advantages mentioned above & pay only once? 

Yes? Not sure?

Just look through these privileges you’ll get choosing this option.

•    There won’t be the direct comparison with your competitors (when you publish your online course on existing eLearning platforms, prospects start comparing similar courses).
•    You don’t pay a commission fee to a 3rd party.
•    The interface & features of the LMS is fully adapted to your course.
•    Your specific long-term goals & marketing strategies are taken into consideration when building the eLearning platform.

And now what’s your choice?

Let’s do everything & anything professionally to get the highest outcomes.

Article by Lia Zoryan
Published at Feb 28, 2018
Last updated at Jan 18, 2019