7 Reasons Why an IT Consulting Company can Help You

7 Reasons Why an IT Consulting Company can Help You


There is no other chance any longer. Businesses need to keep up with technology. Accordingly, the number of IT consulting firms is constantly growing creating a huge tech industry all over the world. In recent years, IT consulting services have become an integral part of the business culture.

IT consulting companies provide expert advice and help businesses grow. As a result, businesses have come to trust consultants in times when niche expertise or an outside perspective is needed. As a result, businesses get an opportunity to make use of a lot of benefits, save time as well as money, increasing competitiveness and professionalism.

The role of IT companies or individual professionals has become increasingly significant for different types of organizations - small and large. Especially, as the way people work was changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it gave rise to alternative workplace strategies. As a result, businesses were forced to rethink IT technology and strategy to keep up with the new reality. 

We are well familiar with IT outsourcing as a global trend. But, the term IT consulting is somewhat new to the modern world. There are plenty of questions about consulting as an activity, which we will try to answer in this article. IT consulting is a set of complex business support activities.

Simply put, it is specialized advice in the field of computer hardware and software. Qualified IT consultants allow enterprises to use the advancements of the information technology industry more effectively. You can obtain significant benefits when working with clients, as well as significantly increase profits.

So, IT consulting is a set of work activities aimed at introducing, optimizing, and supporting automated reporting and budget management systems, improving the IT infrastructure, protecting the data warehouse, etc.

IT consulting is closely related to business consulting since it helps implement information systems proposed by business consulting experts.

Let’s discuss your tech needs and make your experience better.



IT Consultant: Who They Are


An IT consultant is an IT expert who provides their experience and knowledge. Their main task is to understand what information technologies can give to a business: to understand what needs to be automated, what the effect can be expected as a result, as well as to choose a suitable IT solution and implement it.

IT consultant mediates between business and IT professionals. An IT consultant must understand what the core of an information system is and be able to choose what a particular business can take from it. Then they adjust these selected elements for the tasks and processes of the business. The configuration does not require the use of languages and special programming tools.

IT Consultant: Who are They?

These specialists should also be able to communicate with the customer and achieve mutual understanding. Customers know what they like, for example, which operations should be executed faster. The consultant must realize how they can solve the customer's problems. 

An IT consultant can work in consulting companies as well as in the IT department of a particular company - production, trade, service.

Regardless of the place of work, the tasks of an IT consultant are to convey to the company's management information about what can be obtained from IT technologies, how to implement them, how much it will cost, and what result it makes sense to expect. In the case of a consultant working within the company, additional tasks arise - to organize the operation of the installed solutions.


Typical Responsibilities of an IT Consultant


Among the tasks of an IT consulting company is the creation and development of internal corporate information systems based on computerization, telephony, and other similar innovations. As a result, the introduction of information technologies into practice increases managerial efficiency, reduces transaction and production costs, increases control over the market situation, etc. Today, most companies use IT to manage their business on every level. Information technologies make it possible to make it more transparent, more manageable, predictable, and sustainable. A typical IT consulting service typically includes some of the following aspects:

  • Calculation and optimization of the financial side of the IT technology implementation within the company;
  • Improvement of business operations and processes within the company;
  • Creating a core IT infrastructure for the whole company;
  • Implementation of the necessary enterprise-level systems for a smooth run of inner operations within the company;
  • Assessment of the automation level within the company;

To stay relevant, businesses of various sizes and industries should have robust IT systems that support their business goals. It is also important to have a clear budget plan and a cost-effective plan of action that IT consultants will provide. Quite often, maintaining a fully equipped IT department is a little expensive and takes so much time that it becomes simply impossible for companies smaller in size. 


Why Work with an IT Consulting Company?


If you are also a business owner who wants to shift into the digital environment or just improve the quality of your digital customer experience, then you are at the right place, go on reading cause we are going to identify the top reasons why an IT consulting company is important and how it can help you.

Why Work with an IT Consulting Company?

In this case, hiring an IT consultant seems like an obvious choice. For a fair price, such professionals are able to bring their value and expertise to the team. Any company that has ambitious goals regarding its growth should make its primary goal finding a professional IT consultant. 

Below you can find some of the most prominent benefits of having such an expert on your team. 


#1 Trust on Proven Expertise and Experience


Businesses are different and so are their needs and objectives. In the same way, the consulting companies you consider differ. When choosing one, you should focus on the experienced companies that have previously worked in your industry. In this way, your business will be more likely to achieve success as you put the trust in professionals who are experts in the industry.

The previous experience helps IT consulting firms to easily identify the market challenges and offer tech solutions that will minimize the possible risks and increase the possibilities to achieve success as soon as possible.

The prior experience helps to confidently recommend a solution that best fits your business. Such experienced specialists acquire knowledge of how to best implement the solution, what mistakes to avoid, and so on. They even organize pieces of training to teach your staff how to best use the tech solution whether it is an application or website.

This is the best way to ensure that your development project runs as smoothly as possible and your company gains the best possible ROI.


#2 Gain Time to Focus on Your Core Business


You have a staff - a team that includes different individuals each of them with their own specialty and responsibilities. None of them may be related to the IT field and they even don’t have to. You may work with a professional IT strategy consulting company that will be fully responsible for such activities and provide better results.

As a result, your staff will also focus on their own duties and the process will be organized the best way possible. The presence of an IT company means that you and your team should not fill a role that you don’t need to do. They will be able to put together a plan of action that gives you what you need to work productively, decreasing the possible risks of doing business.


#3 Get Demanded Resources


In the current times, when the world is changing fast, we need more support and help than ever before. It takes a lot of time to find and bring people to your team, and even more to train them.

Get Demanded Resources

On the other hand, an IT company can provide all the required resources whenever you need them. This provides an opportunity for you to scale up and down as needed and never worry about having the resources needed to run your business.


#4 A Competitive Edge


It is a common thing for businesses to fail just because they did not manage to see the growing opportunity in time. However, with an IT consultant, the chances of becoming the first one to even notice an upcoming opportunity grow significantly. 

Hiring an IT consulting firm will increase your chances to stay competitive amongst other players in the industry. Now is the time for the new technologies to change your perspective and the way you do business. It goes far beyond just leveling the playing field to stay on top of the mountain – it is something more global in nature.

The IT services providers are keeping an eye on all the latest trends and advancements since they are more attached to the real world of emerging technologies. They know how to work with up-to-date software and network infrastructure technologies. What is more important, top IT consulting firms know what kind of technologies are not worth your time and money. 

With an IT consultant companies will be able to build solid growth plans and promote their products in the most effective way. These specialists can help companies build strong processes so that they will be able to operate quickly and efficiently whenever a new opportunity arises.

Hiring such a professional is also financially beneficial for startups as they get the chance to get a boost of their technologies without investing millions into it. 


#5 Improved Productivity


Companies that do not cooperate with top IT consulting companies on their staff are bound to be dependent on the trial and error method. They have no other option to find the right way to operate. Eventually, a great number of amazing specialists, apart from their primary duties, have to perform additional research.

Such research is aimed to find new paths for businesses to grow and new processes that might improve productivity. Different virtual events are organized in this regard.

The irony in all of this is that one IT consultant could actually improve your company’s productivity by just letting your specialists do what they do best. Instead, you will be getting the same valuable insight but without the drop in your team’s productivity.

By building better functioning processes within your company, an IT consultant will be able to provide a more efficient way for your employees to work. 

Improved Productivity

Also, by implementing new technology, you are more likely to improve the communication within your team, which also leads to a significant increase in overall productivity.

There are many technologies that can give you the desired boost in productivity. For example, central database, internet connectivity, or file servers. An IT consultant can help your business implement all those functions correctly to get the highest boost of productivity possible. 


#6 Increased Employee Retention


Nowadays most companies have running tech equipment all the time. It is crucial that all these computers run flawlessly and without failures.

Surely, your employees will be able to achieve higher levels of productivity when working with top-notch computers and software. They will more likely enjoy their work time too. With the best tools, employees might get more competitive, as nothing will be stopping them from performing at the peak of their abilities. 

An IT consultant is your go-to person if you are trying to enhance your IT department and your operations within the company. With this kind of specialist, you will be able to achieve your business goals faster and keep your employees’ satisfaction level high. 

Think about that – there is hardly a person who would want to leave the company that provides such amazing work conditions and allows people to work alongside the highest technologies. This way, by investing in just one specialist, you will be able to increase your employee retention rate and make sure that people, who come working for you for the first time, will stick around. 


#7 Reduce Cost and Control Expenses


When it seems like your IT department starts consuming their yearly budget in about half the time, it is a sign that you need to outsource a part of the tasks to an IT technology partner.

IT should be manageable, predictable, and sustainable in terms of operational costs. However, transferring the projects over to an outsourcer is rarely a purely budget-cutting-driven decision. You can save quite a bit of resources with it, but it's not the best practice to judge the provider just by costs alone.

This works well with the smaller companies that don't have millions of dollars to spend on IT. Instead of growing the in-house team, consider delegating the coding work, for example, to an IT consultancy firm and have your in-house senior managers handle the communication between the teams and work on a strategy.

In addition to that, such overheads as recruitment, vacations, sick days, turnover, and other day-to-day managerial tasks are no longer your responsibility.



Final Thoughts


There are three levels of IT consulting: audit consulting, applied, and strategic consulting. They differ in the level of tasks that the customer sets for the consulting firm – from tactical and minor to strategic. The lower level is the processes consulting.

An IT consultant looks at the existing tech process in a company, identifies its weak points, and proposes specific changes. He answers the question: "How to adjust the existing processes to get a good result?"

The revision of processes or systems, the introduction of new functionality or technology are among the core tasks.

Reduce Cost and Control Expenses

At the middle level - within the framework of architectural consulting - the main thing becomes the answer to the question: "How to build or rebuild a company's IT architecture so that it is most effective within the framework of the existing business model and company goals?"

This is no longer pointed towards individual processes. But, with the entire system of the company's activities. The IT consultant finds out who is the holder of each of the business processes in the company, what problems exist, how the IT architecture reflects the organizational outline of the company, and then refines the existing architecture.

Strategic consulting is the highest level, the level of strategic change and digital business transformation.

At this level, IT consulting does not work with specific technologies. But, with strategic decisions and business model restructuring. The higher the level of consulting, the less it is focused on particulars: particular systems that can be implemented in a company's IT infrastructure.

But at the same time, each decision or proposal has a significant impact on the results of the customer.

Vera Mirzoyan

Article by: Vera Mirzoyan
Published on: August 25, 2021
Last updated on: December 28, 2021