13 Goal-Oriented Ecommerce Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Online Sales

13 Goal-Oriented Ecommerce Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Online Sales

Marketing your eCommerce stores refers to the application of promotional strategies to receive more traffic on the website to convert them into buyers.

Wholesome eCommerce marketing strategies that bring heavy traffic, include both tactics i.e. onsite and offsite the eCommerce store. A set of concrete marketing tactics will help your brand to increase its awareness, reach out to a wider audience, and of course boost eCommerce sales.

If you want to boost eCommerce sales and grow your store, then look no further. We have gathered effective marketing strategies and ideas, which will enable your business to change its eCommerce marketing game.

In case you have not still created your online store or need some changes, let's discuss its features and functionality together. Many e-commerce businesses have already trusted us and achieve success. You may also become one of them.

Incorporate the below-listed strategies for a few weeks. Keep a record of figures to check which strategies worked in your favor to increase traffic and sales.

13 Goal-Oriented Ecommerce Marketing Strategies To Increase Your Online Sales

1. Decrease Cart Abandonment 

Optimize the checkout procedure on your website to decrease the cart abandonment rate. It is a common mistake by many businesses, to overlook this eCommerce marketing strategy, and consequently, they fail to retain a potential customer who showed interest in your brand.

It takes time and effort to build trust in your potential audience to visit your store and explore the products, don’t forget to continue building the same trust throughout the checkout process.

An online store whose checkout process is easy and smooth from beginning to end will have increased conversion rates and decreased rates of cart abandonment.

Make your checkout process quicker by creating one page instead of several pages. However, if you cannot create a single page and must have several pages, then place a progress bar to keep your customers patient. It also lets them know how long it will take for the checkout process to be complete.

Place navigation buttons strategically so that your customer doesn’t have to search the entire page for going to the next or previous page. Wasting a customer’s time during the checkout process will easily frustrate him and he will dismiss the idea of shopping from you.

Also, mention the order details of your customer, and provide the editing option if he wants to add or remove an item.

2. Be Upfront With Your Customers About Shipping Charges

Your customer would get irritated to go through a lengthy checkout procedure, input his information in the form, and the end finds out a huge shipping cost added to the total bill. This increases cart abandonment and you lose a potential customer forever.

To prevent this, be honest about your costs and charges with buyers.  From the beginning inform your customers about the shipping charges that they’ll have to pay, or fix a flat shipping rate, irrespective of the location of your buyers.

Moreover, also inform your buyers about when to expect the delivery of their ordered goods. If there will be any delay due to unforeseeable situations, then let them know via email or a text message. 

3. Retarget Customers

A common behavior of the consumer is to first visit the store, explore the products, and then exit it. The majority of the visitors do not purchase on their first visit to an eCommerce store. But, that doesn’t mean you’ll let such customers go, right?

To gain more customers, especially those who showed interest in the products, retargeting eCommerce marketing strategies will be needed for this purpose. There are numerous strategies for retargeting potential customers. A common method is to display retargeting advertisements on different websites that your customer visits.

Another method for retargeting customers is by running email marketing campaigns. Reminding the customer about products that they liked or wanted to buy, might tempt them to revisit the website and grab their favorite articles.

4. Update Your Website

Will you make an online purchase from a website that was built decades ago and doesn’t look familiar to the other eCommerce sites present on the internet? Nobody in their right senses would buy from such a website, right?

The appearance of your online store plays an important role in increasing conversion and attracting more customers.

If your store is not designed properly, then your audience will prefer your competitor’s website over yours.

Your website should appear professional and trustworthy. The navigation menu on your website should be easy to use. The colors, fonts, spacing, etc. should be appropriate according to the overall theme and idea of your brand.

Moreover, website designs are constantly evolving into simpler, cleaner, and sleeker versions. Don’t forget to stay updated with the constantly changing trends to update your website and get more customers.

5. Develop a Mobile Application

A mobile responsive website is not enough if you want to stay ahead of your competition. Along with a mobile responsive website, opt for developing a mobile application for your eCommerce store.

Learn from Facebook, how it changed its website into a mobile app to allow the user to access the website just by tapping the icon on their phones.

If your customers have downloaded the app of a website, then they can easily view all your articles whenever they want or even when the Wi-Fi isn’t working. It also enables you to send notifications and announcements about sales or special discounts to your customers.

Another benefit of mobile apps over a website is fast loading and speed. The website takes time to load the resources, whereas an app quickly loads all the elements for its user.

6. Make Your Presence on Instagram

The famous social media platform Instagram can do wonders for your eCommerce store and boost sales. In 2019, Instagram had around 815 million users. In 2023, more than 1.2 billion users are predicted to join this platform.

Having such a huge audience allows your business to implement its eCommerce marketing strategies 2021, on this platform to capture the attention of a huge audience.

All that you have to do is take aesthetic pictures that appeal to the visual senses of your audience. Write a catchy description, use trending hashtags to build a large following for your brand. Make sure to remove unnecessary objects or elements in your product photos to make the products stand out. Then, you can write a catchy description and use trending hashtags to build a large following for your brand.

7. Launch a Facebook Store

Does Facebook even need an introduction? It is no longer used for networking. Many businesses have resorted to selling their products directly through Facebook.

Apart from marketing your goods, engaging with your customers, and informing your customers about sales or new arrivals, you can set up your shop on Facebook. Setting up a shop on Facebook allows people to view your products without having to visit the eCommerce website.

If an entrepreneur has not made a business profile on social media then he is losing amazing benefits this site has to offer to his business.

8. Email Marketing

Requesting your customers to share their email addresses simply to have a long list of subscribers isn’t enough. If you are getting the email address of your customer, it means you have a channel to communicate with them.

By email marketing, you can remind your customer about your store, products, and other important announcements, so that your customer stays in touch with you.

If you send the emails on proper occasions at a proper time, without spamming, then your customers will look forward to hearing from you.

Send your customers a thank you email when they buy something from you. If they haven’t visited your store in a long time then provide them with special codes and discounts.

Similarly, keep them updated about new stock, sales, and other promotional news.

To make their experience even better, ask them to share their valuable feedback with you via email. Customers love it when a brand cares about them.

Design your emails effectively to receive effective results from your customers.

9. Wishlist Reminders

Is there a group of people who have not visited your online store and checked their wishlists? If yes, then reach out to them.

Send them a reminder email that the products added to the wishlist by them, are still waiting for them. Add the images of the articles in the email for making it more effective.

Moreover, warn your buyers about the stock running out. By creating a sense of emergency, your customer will hurry up and visit the store if they don’t want to lose the chance of buying their favorite articles.

10. Use Live Chat Feature

Many popular brands have adopted the live chat feature in their eCommerce marketing strategies of 2021.

Why? Because it results in increased sales, improved customer service, and retention of customers.

Unlike physical stores, customers cannot ask their queries or concerns on a website. This makes them apprehensive about purchasing from an eCommerce store. Having a live chat option on a website, it becomes easy to respond to buyers’ questions and concerns. It also helps in guiding them about the product or checkout procedure.

By helping a customer you will not only gain revenue from his credit card, but also his loyalty.

11. Start Content Marketing

Either you sell baby items, or high-tech goods in your eCommerce store, create a separate page for publishing your blogs.

By creating informative articles your customers will think of your business as a professional one in the market.  Develop unique, creative, and engaging content for your visitors and tempt them to explore your store and products.

Moreover, content marketing helps in improving SEO. It allows the marketer to integrate the keywords and phrases (that a person uses) in his content to increase the visibility of his website SERPs.

12. Leverage User-Generated Content

Using the content generated by your buyers is an excellent way for generating social proof. People need to trust a brand before they pay their hard-earned money to them. Displaying the content generated by the users will make it easier for your potential audience to place their trust in you.

Seeing other people happy with a certain product lures other people to try your products. For generating user content, start a contest on social media platforms and invite people to participate in winning gifts. People love to participate in such a contest. They will create unique content and market your brand on their profile.

Repost the content of your users on your business pages. This will develop the image of your business and will allow other potential customers to trust you.

13. Introduce Loyalty Programs

Another excellent method to boost your eCommerce sales is by introducing a loyalty program for your loyal customers. For luring your buyers to purchase from you frequently, reward them with points, discounts, or promotional offers.

Many brands have introduced a loyalty program where a customer is rewarded with points each time he purchases something. After he has earned a certain number of points he is given a valuable prize or vouchers to redeem those points, etc.

Applying loyalty programs becomes much easier if your website has an app. After every transaction, you can add the points to the customer’s account.

Pulling The Plug!

Without marketing strategies, an eCommerce store will soon be forgotten amidst thousands of others.

To boost your eCommerce sales, and grow your business, it is essential to market your online store. Integrate the above methods into your eCommerce marketing strategies for 2021 to give your revenue a boom.

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Published on: March 15, 2021
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