5 Stupid Mistakes Most People Make When Starting Ecommerce

5 Stupid Mistakes Most People Make When Starting Ecommerce


The technologies have become so developed and accessible that in fact, everyone can start their own online business, including e-commerce. However, there is one thing that unites many beginning businessmen – the mistakes they make when getting started. Here are the five stupid mistakes most people make when starting e-commerce.


Consider pricing their main trump card


Yes, ceteris paribus users will choose a lower price. But everything else being equal is fundamentally important. It is wrong to hope that you can make them buy your product with outright dumping. This is the main e-commerce myth. If you have a weak marketing strategy that only relies on loud proclamations, you won’t be able to succeed. It has been proven numerous times that such advertising is not only unsuccessful but also harmful.

Instead, you need to determine your business’s strong sides and weak points. Then, once you understand them, you will be able to create accurate marketing pieces that will correspond to what your products are like and will give your potential customers realistic expectations about what you have to offer to them. In part, it is also your responsibility to be a trustworthy seller who wants to provide their audience with the most accurate product information.


Use copypasted/standardized/unreadable product descriptions


Many novice traders do not even realize that the description of the product is not only a way to show its characteristics, it is also a way to sell it. True, you need to know how to create such a description. If you don’t make your product descriptions stand out, you are risking having many problems including duplicate content which Google doesn’t appreciate. Your customer might also notice similar content and get a negative impression.

The best solution for your copypasted or standardized or unreadable product descriptions is hiring a good writer who will be able to make these different. You can find a good writer on writing services review sites where you can compare specialists by their experience, skills, knowledge, and reputation to determine whose rate you like the most. Alternatively, you can always write the product descriptions yourself if you feel ready for them.


Think they do not need research and analytics


This is the main reason for the failure of many startups – they hope to steer only with the help of one idea, which seems to them cool enough. And this is one more e-commerce myth. In practice, your idea may turn against you if you do not ask the opinion of target users in advance. Research and analytics should ford the foundation of your e-commerce business and help you decide on the best trajectory for your company.

Before you create your sales and marketing strategy, you should first do proper market research to understand what you can expect in terms of demand and supply. Learn as much as you can about your customers and find out whether they actually need the products you want to be selling to them. If there is no demand or if there is demand but also enough supply, your business will not be profitable and will likely fail pretty soon.


Leave the About page empty


Modern buyers want to understand not only what they are buying, but also from whom they are buying. The mission, principles, and the way delivering value play a role. The About page is just the place where you can talk about it. But for some reason, you don’t tell. For some reason, business owners and marketers alike keep leaving that page blank arguing that they will fill it later on when they have time.

Instead, you need to fill it out when you are designing your website and writing your product descriptions. If you don’t know how to do that, you can hire a writer from a writing services review site. You just need to give them all the necessary pieces of information and let them do their job. You can still make some changes afterward if you don’t like it. And make sure to add more details over time!


Being sure the customers will come themselves


This is an e-commerce myth and a very complex mistake – here it is possible to say about design, content, forms of lead generation, email marketing, SEO promotion, strategy. In short, about everything that you do not do or are doing, to put it mildly, not very well. Customers will never appear out of thin air to purchase your products just because you made a website and filled out product descriptions – you need to make them come and buy them.

When it comes to marketing, it is probably the most important aspect of all. Your website might not be well-developed, and you might simply have a few landing pages designed to sell one or two products, but good marketing will do its job and you will get enough sales. Likewise, having a well-built website with many products on offer still requires a strong marketing strategy to bring in traffic and grow your sales.

At the same time, you need to understand the types of marketing you can use as well as the marketing channels you can use for them. Offline marketing is great, but online or digital marketing is what you should really focus on. Your SEO should be good, but your content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing should also be effective if you want to have truly powerful digital marketing campaigns.


Final Thoughts


To sum up, when you are getting started with e-commerce, you need to be careful not to make the simple mistakes listed in this article. If you do make them, they could harm your strategy quite a lot and prevent you from getting better results with your efforts.

Make sure that you use the tips provided in this article. They provide actionable solutions that can easily solve these problems and help you quickly get back on track or even prevent them all together beforehand.


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