Top Tools for Content Audit to Boost Your SEO

Top Tools for Content Audit to Boost Your SEO

Why so certain websites fail to climb the SEO ladder even after putting the most exclusive range of products at the buyer’s disposal? The rank that a website earns does not depend on how extraordinary its offerings are. Instead, the quality of content acts as the decision making parameter. Readable fresh written material helps websites in going ahead of their competitors. However, this is not as easy as it seems. The quality factor is very important. Before publishing, you should use some key auditing tools so determine the health of what you have written. Even before that, find a credible online source offering them.

There are several tools used to check the condition of the written content but you cannot select them randomly. A lot of websites do offer all these applications but with a miserable quality level. Therefore think twice before you reach a judgment about SEO tool offering website. Prepostseo is counted among the well-known options some of the most reputed writers use to keep their websites listed at the top. Therefore, low performance is not something that the users experience. Other than that, you can get all tools for the auditing SEO content on this website.

Here are the tools that come into play to check the content and improve SEO ranks.

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarized content reduces the rank of a website in the quickest possible manner. Google has a set of strict policies when awarding rank to every website. The ones that do not produce 100% unique content mostly get wiped off the result list. As the most popular search engine, Google pays constant attention to the quality of content offered to readers. The aim is to offer nothing less than the best.

Plagiarism checking

Content preparation is a gradual process and writers examine or analyze different sources to reach this goal. When pulling out information from each of them, the writer does not rewrite them. This is something done at the very end before submission. However, what if a writer does not check the content properly? A small chunk of plagiarized content can prove to be a nightmare in SEO terms. This is the reason why using a plagiarism checker is recommended at all times.
Plagiarism checker online free tool comes in handy if you don’t have the time to check plagiarism in the compiled information. Even if you do, the chances of skipping parts unintentionally are always on the cards. In this way, a major risk exists which can only be eliminated if a good plagiarism checker is utilized. The plus points of this tool include each section of the content is checked and that too in less time. More than anything, you get a surety that the information available on your website is free of plagiarism.

Paraphrasing Tool

It is a confirmed fact that rewriting can prove to be daunting.  However, rewritten web content is essential if you want the rank of your website to go up. Information accessible online is only meant for getting an idea and cannot be copied for reuse. Writers responsible for developing web content do not have to revamp the material after a very long span of time. New readable constituents have to be offered to the readers regularly so that the SEO position can be strengthened. Considering the workload that writers have to tolerate and the limited time they have, manual rewriting is certainly not the best way out.

Content Paraphrasing

A paraphrasing tool is an online application that rewriters chunks of information. For instance, if you have gone through two websites and a journal to gather content, all you have to do is compile it. When it is in one place, upload it by using a paraphrasing application. In less than a minute, the content will be completely rephrased.

These applications do not have any kind of technical complexities which means that any user can use them. You do not have to be a computing genius for rephrasing the content. To get a website on the first page, unique content has to be published from time to time. Writers do not have the time frame to go through every part, rewrite it, and then make it available for the readers. With a reputed paraphrasing application, new readable content can be produced instantly and without writers using their own time for it. They only have to focus on collecting facts and putting the points in one place.

Grammar Checker

Have you made typos and grammatical mistakes in the written content? Professional web content should not have any proofreading problems as it is a sign of a lack of experience. Reputed web content writers use grammar checkers so that they can identify each mistake efficiently. These tools produce better results than manual proofreading. They are faster than humans and no mistakes are ignored by them.  In a nutshell, this application comes in handy if you want to produce content with zero grammatical issues.

Grammar Checker

The use is quite easy and all you have to do is select the content for uploading. You can opt for files in the PDF, DOC, or TXT format. Content can also be pasted as text in the given text box. After that, you can begin the checking process and the tool will highlight each error made by the user.

The overall interface of the grammar checker is quite simple which is why writers do not struggle with it. Apart from content uploading, everything is done through an automated process and the user does not have to stress about anything. All mistakes are identified including tenses mistakes, typos, and punctuation errors. Each of them will be highlighted and the user would get suggestions to rectify them. Hence, he does not have to go through a lengthy thinking process in this case. Using a good grammar checker is the smartest way out for improving the SEO rank of a website. 

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