Seven Reasons for Real Estate Agents to Have Their Own Website

7 Reasons for Real Estate Agents To Have Their Own Website

In this growing world of Innovation and Technologies it is important to stay in cutting edge. People turn to internet every time when looking for something. Today everything becomes even easier when you can use your smartphone to reach the internet. Everything you need is there, you just need to google, that’s easy, that’s it. You are looking for home, to buy or for rent? Great! Google your dream home and there are tons of real estate agencies and agents offering many alternatives to you. If you are a real estate agent with your own website this increases your probability of getting viewed compared with those who don’t.

Real estate field is defined by agents, but more specifically, by the way how they conduct their business. The, a site operated by the National Association of Realtors, carries over five hundred thousand listing agents. Many of them had differentiated themselves by adding their website address.

Here are seven reasons for real estate agents to have their own website.

  • According to National Association of Realtors 96% of Americans are looking to buy their house on the internet. The internet makes it easier for potential clients to find a right agent. Imagine you have your own well designed and constructed website appearing in the first pages of google search. Imagined? Make it real. Congratulations, you won competition!
  • Your website is a source for your current and prospective clients. That source should be valuable and informative to help you gain trust. Your website is a place where your clients can learn about you, your services, knowledge and experience, and confirm they made a right choice by selecting you.
  • The website helps to brand yourself. It is your online brand, because it is a reflection of your authority, experience and services. According to National Association of Realtors 54% of buyers and 64% of users found their agents from their personal website. Moreover, you have an opportunity to grow your brand, which sets yourself apart from the competition.
  • The website makes your clients’ life easier. By adding search features, tools like Mortgage Calculator, MLS listing, listing by home types and regions, you increase your website value and the probability to be chosen.
  • Your website gives you an awesome advantage, especially if your geographical target is very specific. Using local SEO tactics, you will have a website appearing in the first pages when your client searches for that targeted area. This is a competitive advantage over those who focuses on broader keyword targets.
  • The website is an advertising tool. No matter if you work in agency or alone, having your own website is an advantage in both cases. In every agency website there is a list of agents and that would be great, if the client searches for you and find lots of information through your website, especially when you are  new in the field. The client will choose you among others because you have your own resources. Moreover if you decide to leave the company you know for sure you have an already existing brand.
  • Your website is a networking tool. For network you can create a blog on your website. Your blog will demonstrate your knowledge and will attract more audience. Being active with your blog you can build a trust for your readers. Blogs are great also for sharing in social medias, which will increase your website traffic.

Stand out from the crowd, brand yourself and win the competition! Good Luck!

Article by Liana
Published at Jan 17, 2017
Last updated at Apr 3, 2019