Learn Chess Online

Learn Chess Online

WooChess is a proactive education platform that helps to learn chess online. It is the only chess study platform that offers a full repository of chess resources. It allows people who are passionate about chess and want to learn everything about it, find professionals who are ready to share their expertise. There are over 600 million chess players in the world, and according to Google Search, there are about 10,000 searches per month on how to learn chess.

There are thousands of websites offering to learn chess online, but none of them offers unlimited opportunities as WooChess does. Let’s explore what WooChess offers for you and find out why it is one of the bests.

First of all, WooChess offers to register as a teacher or student. If you are a teacher, you have a huge number of choices in making your lessons. You can create simple written lessons and tactics; make your puzzles, quizzes, and video lessons. If you are a student, you are lucky to have a massive library of resources available on the website.

Features of Woochess


 The first things you need to learn in chess are moves. There is a wide range of offers for beginners, huge information about openings, middle games, endgames and even psychology of the chess.


Tactics contain a significant number of problems, which are suitable for brain training. They show your mistakes and the right solutions, helping you to boost your knowledge of chess.


In puzzles page, you can find easy, medium, and hard online chess games. This makes your fun atmosphere, helps to relax and enjoy.

Video Lessons

Video lessons uploaded by professional chess players help to understand the required information fully. The lectures are mostly prepared by Armenian grand-masters, with a passion for sharing knowledge and experience.


After successfully finishing each lesson, students can take online quizzes, get it checked and graded immediately after completion.

Students can have online lectures with their teachers by video chat, ignoring distance, and any inconvenience.

Finally, you can always invite your friend to WooChessl to play chess together and have a good time.

WooChess opens a vast world to you, where you can discover chess, the most intellectual game in the world. It has been developed for the purpose to make the studies very comfortable, easy, and fun. Whenever you are in WooChess, you will not need any other chess source outside of the website.

And remember, “Every chess master was once a beginner.”- Chernev.

Something about How and Why

From the beginning, the mission was simple, to connect chess lovers and help users on studying chess, making the teaching system fun, as well as valuable. AIST team of chess lovers brainstormed for several days and came up with the WooChess idea. The website made with love and enthusiasm by programmers who are passionate about chess.s.

Now WooChess solves some critical problems, such as:

• Limited financial resources to afford chess classes on a local level

• Everything about chess in one place

• Physical unavailability on distance

• Overcoming laziness to study

Get started right now and learn chess online with WooChess!

Liana Galstyan

Article by: Liana Galstyan
Published on: April 07, 2017
Last updated on: October 31, 2019