How to Build MVP Software with Minimal Cost

How to Build MVP Software with Minimal Cost

Many startup businesses use Minimum Viable Product or MVP to put increments on the final product. The role of MVPs in software development is invaluable. 

It is like throwing a golden fishhook to a fertile lake of problem analyses. No matter how much upfront analyses you do, MVP software is the best tool to get acquainted with your customer’s context and needs. The purpose of MVP is the maximum learning through trial and error. It helps the customer to decide if the project is worth investing money. If the customer confirms to spend money on the MVP, the developer can go for enhancement of the product. 

It’s a priority making an MVP software with minimal cost. To figure out how to make it, let’s go wide with MVP software exploration.

See the MVP Software Example

Minimise the distance:

MVP aims to visualise the idea. When using an MVP, you’re shortening the amount of time spend on problem-solving. It gives you room to react quickly to unexpected changes based on market research. Forget about perfection! Take all the unnecessary features out. In essence, you should include only one primary function. Make the release of the product as soon as possible. It’ll save you money, and give you the possibility to test your assumptions. 

Find a technical co-founder

For saving money find a technical co-founder who can help to build the MVP. The collaboration makes it possible as many startups are lack of budget. You can look for a co-founder during IT events and local start-up meetings in your city.

Finding a technical co-founder

Together you can choose the core features of MVP product and launch it in a short time.You can give ownership to your co-founders to motivate them. The investments can even come sooner than the final product launch. 

Hire an outsource web development company

Outsourcing arrives to help in most cases when it comes to cost. For outsourcing an MVP software make sure that you hire a professional developer. They should allow breaks when necessary and be dedicated to a requested period.

Hiring an outsource web development company

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Besides, you may need free consultation services to brainstorm the project. Choose the outsourcing company that has special discounts for startup businesses and individuals. 

Target the audience and test

As mentioned the purpose of MVP is to receive as much feedback from users as possible in a short period. You can target your audience and choose your end-users among your friends and relatives. The testing will be free in this case. Although this usually does not provide enough feedback. You’ll need to use the help of QA testers for the best assessments.

Target the right audience and test

In this stage, negative feedback is better than no feedback at all. It’ll help you to fix all bugs and reconsider requirements. You can give some privileges to your first testers to have their support. Even though user feedback shapes your application, you should be careful. Implementing user-requested features should be based on research through time. Adding everything straightaway can weaken the user experience. 

Where not to cut the costs?

The mature product is a result of many years of development. Unlike the MVP software as it is the earliest version. What combines these two is their highest value for your business. So be intelligent when cutting costs while making your MVP software. It is essential that you understand what it is and how it affects your business.

As it comes to reducing costs, the last thing that should be concerned is the code quality. It is the same as building a house with cheap foundation materials. Code quality is your foundation that will hold your whole project. The features of an MVP software can be necessary but neatly done for further improvements. 


Even with a limited budget, you can create a working product and enlarge its functionality.  In a short time, you can meet the requirements of your customers and users.

And remember, if the users like your Minimum Viable Product with all its imperfections, the full version is more likely to charm the whole world. Spend as little as possible to get you to your next stage.

And if you're looking for a team to create your MVP software, then you are in the correct place. Reach the right people at the right time.


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Metakse Ghambaryan

Article by: Metakse Ghambaryan
Published on: December 17, 2018
Last updated on: December 30, 2020