Case Study for Let’s Go to Class

The Overview

The client was looking for an easy-to-use web- based LMS solution to help her organization to improve the learning process. Team at AIST organized inquiry to check out what functionalities are required for the platform. AIST team designed and developed the LMS platform based on research, A/B testing and following the latest e-learning technology trends.

Let’s Go to Class
The Problem

The Problem

The Problem

A Mandarin teacher Janice Ling was using TalentLMS for e-learning purposes. However, she was not happy with that solution. While using TalnetLMS she faced some problems such as branding, not intuitive and not user friendly design, etc. In order to support teaching and learning process she decided to have her own LMS system, that can be used for other teachers as well. The solution required to have intuitive and user friendly design, to follow LMS guidelines and be easily adjustable to new technologies.


The Process

In order to manage the process of design & development of the web-based Learning Management System, the AIST management decided to use ADDIE Model (Analysis,Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation). During The Analysis part the questionnaires distributed to 30 teachers. This process determined what facilities are required to be used on the E-learning platform. Based on this the data architecture and wireframing was developed. The next step was UI & UX design. The designers’ team developed a prototype for A/B testing. During development process following Moodle guidelines developers used PHP programming language for external purposes. The demo and final versions of the web based LMS demonstrated to end users. The demo version has been updated, finalized and published. The video manuals had been prepared on how to use the system.


The Solution

Designers’ team prepared clickable prototypes for A/B testing. After the test process designers continued working on the most likeable design. The development team thoroughly examined Moodle LMS standards and following guidelines build the back-end architecture using PHP programming language. The final solution is a web-based LMS containing all necessary tools for e-learning methods, so that courses can be accessed anytime & anywhere to support the learning process. The web-based LMS consist of administrator dashboard, teacher dashboard and learner dashboard. The website usage does not require any technical (IT) skills from the users.

  • Management
  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Development
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation

Tools & Technologies

Back-End Programming
PHP7, Laravel 5.7, MySQL 5.6
Front-End Programming
AngularJS, Bootstrap, SASS
Stripe, PayPal
Design Concepts
Wireframing, Prototyping, Visual Design, Usability Testing


The Results

Let’s Go to Class is a web-based LMS that utilizes information and communication technology as tools available for the students/learners and instructors/teachers anytime and anywhere to overcome the constraints of time and space. The system consists of 3 dashboards.
Administrator dashboard gives admin users the opportunity to add/edit/remove website content, follow website users and traffic, check the website usability, etc. Student or learner dashboard is created specifically considering the student’s needs. Students are able to register for live-stream classes, download course materials (video and text files), participate in discussion forums, do assessments, etc. In other words, students have infinite access to course materials.
Teacher or instructor dashboard is created specifically for instructors. Instructor can easily upload course materials such as text files (MS office), video files, syllabus, etc., can organize live-streaming classes in online classrooms, prepare assessment and quizzes and provide course completion certificate.
AIST Global company provided the training on how to use the Learning Management application before the implementation.

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The Feedback

Janice Ling

Team AIST Global are Wonder makers. They are quick to respond, find solutions,
recommend better and more sustainable/viable tools, provide support and help our
Company achieve more. We highly recommend this company over and above other
companies. They are more than talented and capable. The uniqueness of their teamwork
and depth of their knowledge, expertise plus talent makes this Team an as setfor our

Janice Ling


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