Choose the Best Software for Business Process Automation

Choose the Best Software for Business Process Automation

These days, along with the development of internet technologies, businesses more and more tend to rely on automation services that help them to save time and energy, and yet manage everything in time.  Software created for business process management allows businesses to reach their goals by automating business processes. Different companies use such software to increase work efficiency and adapt to new business procedures. These automation technologies change the company’s approach towards the business.

What is BPA Software?

Business Process Automation software enables companies to

  • Model,
  • Deploy,
  • Optimize,
  • Manage

business processes.

Automated business solutions take actions to perform more quickly and consistently, sometimes beyond human capabilities. To put process automation into action, you may need to use some of the main types of tools:

1. Business process management: BPM software allows coordination across all the different tools in use at a business. It may be related to complex programs as well as simple user interfaces.

2. Document digitization: Paper document digitization (also known as scanning) optimizes the working process and considerably increases efficiency. Electronic documents are easily and safely archived, retrieved, and shared with other users at a minimum cost. The work with electronic documents takes place in document management system applications that also offer further processing of the documents through a number of advanced functions. Incorporating cognitive abilities, these document digitization tools create usable datasets from forms and documents.

​​​​​​Document digitization

3․ Intelligent process automation: IPA learns and improves human processes and activities with time. It can also include natural language processing. Intelligent process automation can work even without human guidance because it implements deep learning algorithms and cognitive therapy. These cognitive tools come in different forms and behave like humans, with actions as speaking, chatting, and web-form dialogue.

4. Robotic process automation: This refers to any application or bot that interacts with the users in the same humanly way. RPA efficiently performs high-frequency humanlike tasks and functions. It is especially preferable for: 

  • imitating human actions,
  • controlling multiple high-volume and repetitive tasks,
  • integrating virtual systems,
  • automating report generation,
  • validating and auditing information,
  • technically handling debt,
  • managing products,
  • performing quality assurance,
  • migrating data,
  • forecasting revenue.

Advantages of Business Process Automation

Advantages of Business Process Automation

BPA business is a great support while saving money by streamlining operational processes, speeding up services, and automating business processes. However, more benefits are offered, as:

  • streamlining communication,
  • enforcing accountability,
  • decreasing defects,
  • and manual errors,
  • cutting back on meetings,
  • decreasing the time it takes to perform repetitive tasks,
  • speeding up auditing and analysis, 
  • increasing flexibility for easier implementation of changes,
  • responding faster to mission-critical system problems,
  • increases customer satisfaction,
  • making business processes user-friendly.

Problems that Software for Business Process Automation may Solve

- There is no audit trail

An audit trail helps to manage the process by telling who did what and when. This is a complete record of the overall working process. Whenever there is a failure to adjust any item, the audit trail doesn’t determine the reason. Audit trails go beyond accounting, they are also found in compliance activities and especially in organizations that deal with the general public. BPA ensures that the company has followed the process and captured it.

- Nobody is sure where the documentation should go

Sometimes businesses waste time debating where all the inbound documentation should be stored or they store it incorrectly. Using your prearranged rules, BPA automatically places documentation in predetermined locations.

- There is no process visibility

Without process visibility, Businesses face more difficulty when identifying obstacles or opportunities to increase efficiency. BPA renders all your processes visible and automatic.

business process visibility

- There are questions related to compliance with external and internal regulations

All businesses are accountable for some type of compliance. Multiple compliance criteria may even put a strain on not integrated IT processes. Business process automation delivers all the information and data protection required for internal and external auditing.

- There is inefficient status reporting

Status reporting is a critical function, whether to a manager or the customers. When the manager doesn’t get an accurate or timely status report, the working process may be in trouble. And when the customers are stuck waiting when you find their claim or request, the company again loses money and goodwill. Here as well BPA comes to help. It satisfies both sets with a single contact.

- Current processes have multiple steps

The more steps in your business process, the longer it takes to complete. However, multiple steps tend to decrease the agility of the company. Business process automation shows the overall process layout, which identifies all the unnecessary steps and allows teams to cut them out.

Many types of companies use process automation software. Some of the most common directions are logistics, hospitals, banking, finance, insurance, marketing, hospitality, retail, gyms, and many more industries. If you are experiencing in one of these industries, then do not miss your chance to optimize the working process. If you are not but you still have an idea of automating the process, then share your ideas with professionals

Automate your daily business tasks and processes. Free up your workforce so that they focus on those tasks that require human input. What do you think?


Vera Mirzoyan

Article by: Vera Mirzoyan
Published on: May 06, 2020
Last updated on: April 21, 2022