Avoiding Spam Filters When Using Mailgun

Avoiding Spam Filters When Using Mailgun

Email marketing is one of the most popular types of marketing used nowadays. Why is it so popular among marketers?  Probably, because the email is a remarkably flexible tool that allows companies to promote their products easily.

One of the most significant advantages is that it enables marketers to send targeted emails. Another thing which makes email marketing popular is the low cost and relative ease of carrying it out.


However, a poorly planned email campaign can lead to prompt failure. The poorly planned email may be filtered as spam and never achieve to its determined target.

Mailgun is an email service for developers that allows you to send and receive bulk emails effortlessly. However, the Mailgun API still doesn’t protect you from spam filtering. If your company doesn’t have a good reputation or any reputation at all tied to your domain, your email will fail to reach your target.

When working on projects with Mailgun API integration, our developers always make sure that marketer’s efforts will not be worthless, and their emails will reach their recipients’ inboxes.


1. Include plain text version to your HTML email. Never send the HTML email alone, because it is not well received by ESP, also there can be some people who simply select to block HTML email. By sending both HTML and plain text versions help your message get delivered.

2. Have full HTML standard code. Write your HTML code inside " !DOCTYPE html> "

3. In mail header Markup delete X-Mailer and X-Campaign.

4. Do not use broken links. Make sure links are correct and directed to meaningful places.

5. Greet your recipients by their names. This will help to avoid the spam filter for one simple reason because the email is personalized.

6. Eliminate the number of external links. Including too many links in the email will either deliver it in the spam or in the promotion tab.

7. Do not use too much different font sizes and colors.

8. Before sending your email, check it on isnotspam or mail-tester.


unspammed your email

You have unspammed your email. Hope you found this helpful. 

If you have still problems with MailGun contact us.

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