Importance of Plagiarism free content in Digital Marketing

Importance of Plagiarism free content in Digital Marketing


Every website needs content to attract viewers to their websites and create value through genuine and unique content.

As there is a bulk of information already present on a different website, some content writers and websites adopt nasty ways and steal the data of other websites.

The plagiarized content does not rank well on google. Content plays a huge role in the growth and survival of digital businesses.

In this article, we will learn the importance of plagiarism-free content and how to create unique content by using paraphrasing tools.

  • Things you will learn by the end of this article:
  • How the plagiarized content is not worth it?
  • Role of plagiarism-free content in Website Ranking
  • How to check for plagiarism in articles
  • Paraphrasing tools that can help remove plagiarism


How the plagiarized content is not worth it?


The website that keeps creating plagiarized content does not have any uniqueness. People like and follow your content for the value you provide with your content. If your audience will not get what they are looking for and you are rewriting the information that is already present somewhere, you are not going to win the game. 

It also affects the ranking of the website as google algorithms keep track of everything, google has special crawling software that detects plagiarism in the content.

If you are using the plagiarized content, then it does not matter how hard you are trying to optimize your content getting backlinks on your website, your website will not rank on the first pages of google.

You can get ideas from other websites to know your competitors but copying them is not the right way if you have long-term goals. The best way is to research the article through the different websites and then come up with a better article that offers a solution to a specific problem or creating something meaningful for your audience.

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Role of plagiarism-free content in Website Ranking


Why do you think the top-ranking website and articles and websites have in common?

They all have problem-driven techniques throughout the article. They know how to attract the readers by writing an engaging intro and by maintaining that hook throughout the article. They get in the shoes of the reader and provide them with the value they are looking for.

Google analytics and google algorithms check thousands of articles and they look for the following specification 

  • Problem-solving approach
  • Innovation
  • SEO optimization
  • The authenticity of the website
  • Domain authenticity
  • How many backlinks they are getting.

They all play a significant role in the ranking of your content or article on google. To stand out from the rest of the content creators make sure you are following all the above guidelines and you are meeting the goals of the audience when they search for the article, clear all their ambiguity, questions and offer them a unique piece. 

The goal of your article should be user-specific, if you are writing just for the sake of ranking on google and forcing unnecessary keywords, then it’s not worth the time of users. They will never come back to your website.

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How to check for plagiarism in articles?


One of the main factors that play a role in the growth of audience on websites is unique and innovative content that is not present anywhere on google. Plagiarism-free content does not mean you cannot write valuable quotations and attention-grabbing content from other websites. The problem arises when you do not give credit to the real author. Make sure you always cite the author whenever you are using their content.

The plagiarism-free content accounts for the authenticity and originality of the content. The users and viewers of your content build their trust in you as you are creating genuine content and not stealing someone’s content.

To check for plagiarism in the content you can use many online free and paid software’s and check for the keyword density, grammatical mistakes, readability errors, and percentage of plagiarism.

Prepostseo plagiarism checker is very easy to use and you can copy-paste the article or by uploading the article check for plagiarism. This tool gives a link to the particular website from where you steal the data and specific percentage according to the uniqueness in the article.

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Paraphrasing tools that can help remove plagiarism


Many paraphrasing tools can rephrase the article and replace it with appropriate synonyms, and can even create unique articles through artificial intelligence software. Here are some of the paraphrasing tools that can rephrase the content.


1:    Spinbot paraphrasing tool


Spinbot is an article spinning and paraphrasing tool that rewrites in such a way that no plagiarism can be detected. This tool is free to use and you can rephrase as many articles as you can. It also has a paid version. The article spinning tool is quick and you can rephrase your article in seconds.


2: has many features in the paraphrasing tool.

You can create content in four different ways.

  • Simple
  • Advanced
  • Fluency
  • Creative

The simple and advanced features have their benefits. The simple model replaces it with synonyms and advanced mode gas word changing capability that can change the entire content.
The following diagram shows an illustration of how the paraphrasing tool works. In fluency mode, you can see that how the paraphrased content is different from the previous one.
This tool has a free as well as a paid version at affordable rates. In the premium plan, you can conduct deep research of the articles and check for API-supported plagiarism.


3:    Seotoolcentre


SEO tools centre is a website that rephrases the article. You can rephrase your assignments, essays, and articles and design for writers, students, and scholars. This paraphrasing tool supports different languages other than English like Turkish, German, Spanish, Dutch, Indonesian, and French. It has a fee as well as paid version. The paid version has advanced features that can rephrase your article and change it to a unique article.


4:   Chimp Rewriter


Chimp rewriter changes the sentence structure and writes the original work differently. It supports different languages and is designed for researchers, writers and scholars. Chimp rewriter only has paid version, however, you can use the trial version for fourteen days.


Final Note


With the help of the above tools, you can rephrase your content to generate a plagiarism-free article. These tools are very efficient and some can even generate 100% original content. These tools can uplift your businesses to the next level and they are all worth it.

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Published on: July 01, 2021
Last updated on: September 01, 2021