Path of Success/Small Company with Huge Potential

Path of Success/Small Company with Huge Potential

Have you ever experienced how a small company creates its path of success? It is one of the best things that I had a chance to experience. If you are the owner of a small company, maybe you will find this article as a little inspiration for you. The very first thing that I can tell you is that great things take time, sometimes quite long. Nothing strong and sound can be made in just a few minutes.

Now I want to share with you a story of a small company I had the chance to take a closer look at. The company is called AIST Global, which provides people worldwide with high quality IT services. It established in Armenia, in 2016. From here, I have learned that a small company is like a little child; you need to take care of it and keep on feeding it.

Even though it may take away all your energy and efforts, you cannot stop caring of it, as it is a part of your life and you want to help it grow. You may wonder why I decided to choose this particular company for my article topic; maybe the reason is that this company is one of those with high potential. Yes, due to its intelligent management and innovative team members, it has a vast potential to become an outstanding company one day soon.

When just from afar, you can feel the striving energy from all its steps turning those into engines working to create their success. In the first part of this article, I am sharing with you some steps that this company has integrated to shape its path of achievement; this can be an excellent example for you as well.

What do you need to do to create your path of success

  1. BE A LEADER NOT A BOSS– The relationship between an employer and an employee is one of the critical factors to company success. The employer needs to see himself as a leader of his/her team, a good team player, and be a motivational personality. One of the main reasons why I know this startup as a winning company is that it has a smart leader and reliable team members.
  2. TAKE CHALLENGES – If a challenge knocks your door, wear on your smile, and open it with a risk. After a couple of times of opening your door to problems you will feel that it becomes easier for you to welcome and overcome them, in other terms, you will get an expert of meeting challenges and will strive on capacity building of your company to overcome them. AIST team always accepts challenges and moves on with the confidence to overcome them.
  3. LEARN ON MISTAKES – For each of us, learning on our mistakes is one of the best ways to understand our weaknesses and realize what needs to be done to turn them into strengths. While proceeding too fast, AIST company never forgets about getting back to its mistakes, reviewing and learning on them. Once a week, they devote a little of their time to recall the mistakes made, analyze them, and then proceed.
  4. BUILD A NICE TEAM– Each company is successful with its employees and the way they dedicate themselves for a brighter future tomorrow. Its talented and innovative team members drive the potential of this company to possible growth. It is essential to have people by your side who keep on hard-working, who share the same ideas with you and can come up with innovative and good ideas themselves worth investing in.
  5. HEALTHY WORK ENVIRONMENT– A happy employee is a productive employee. People who enjoy their jobs are likely to engage more thoroughly with their work. AIST Global company has an entirely healthy working environment where employees are comfortable working with each other, sharing experiences, knowledge, and helping one another in anything. The company`s working environment is healthy also by scheduling team-building activities from time to time.

Investing massive efforts yet receiving much less than invested for some time is normal for any startup company, but then you will have a full payback of all your investments, whether in monetary terms or in terms of human capital.

What do you need to do to create your path of success

This is a small journey with many rocks and uncountable challenges on its path. But you need to keep on moving them away from under your feet if you get to bigger rocks. You need to call on your reliable team members who will be able to move them away with you, and so on till you get to the very top of the path and enjoy the view from above.

We will keep on introducing to you other strategies adopted by this company and will help you to get closer to your success.


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Article by: Tamara
Published on: November 15, 2016
Last updated on: November 04, 2019