Top Artificial Intelligence Predictions

Top Artificial Intelligence Predictions

We live in a fantastic world of technology where everything you could possibly imagine could be accomplished with a click of a single button. Humanity has lately been going beyond that by implementing human intelligence into a machine. And that is how AI appeared and that's why we are going to investigate the Artificial Intelligence predictions.

There are many available definitions of Artificial Intelligence. Having analyzed the sphere, I may introduce my own definition for this highly growing industry. AI aims at simulating human intelligence activities with the help of machines, specifically computer systems. This process consists of 3 stages: Learning, Reasoning, and Self-correction.

The fact that in the near future those human-like robots we saw in the movies are going to become real is breathtaking. And I assure you that it is true. AI technology has become a vastly popular subject in the technology industry with a lot of companies designing and improving the scripts.

Whether you are a veteran in this sphere or just a newcomer willing to join the race, our list of the AI trends is going to help you begin or improve your flow.

Top Artificial Intelligence predictions

#1 Voice-assistant improvement

Voice-assistant improvement

Many modern families have successfully adopted such gadgets as Google Home or Amazon echo. These devices are used for various tasks. They could read the news or help you find the recipe for the dish you’ve always wanted to cook. And they all are activated thanks to the brilliant recognition of voice commands.

Perhaps in the near future, this tool will be highly improved and will even be able to understand almost every accent in the world.

That means that in the near future most of the web browsing will be done by our voice all without any button clicks!

#2 Content personalization  

One of the greatest Artificial Intelligence facts, in my opinion, is its ability to personalize your content. Based on your previous experience and your likings, Artificial Intelligence is able to sort out all the information and pick just the right results or suggestions for you. This ability is also expecting a number of improvements.

Content personalization

AI is already being used for content creation, and it's getting better all of the time due to advances in Natural Language Programming (NLP) and machine learning. Here's an example of long-form content where an AI content creation bot created keyword research, content brief, and the first draft. 

The AI bot scans all of the top results in the search engines to include all relevant topics covered by all pages. This process alone can take days manually. The first draft needed a lot of editing and rewriting, but it saved perhaps 1-2 days of work from a research and completeness perspective. We're at the stage where users can create straightforward news content with minimal editing, but this was AI helping to write about AI!

#3 Security

2020 will be the year of improvement in AI security and the overall trustability of the technology. The current year (2019) has seen a lot of risks and flaws in AI. With that, the emergence comes to fix them and provide a safe experience for the user.

Safety has been the number one task since the beginning. Now that many popular companies invested about 2,6 billion dollars into the development, there is no doubt security is going to be enhanced.


We are expecting a release of a new security code, consisting of many well-protected layers to assure maximum safety.

#4 Predictions

Based on known data and statistics predictive algorithms will be able to forecast the result. This is arguably one of the most demanding features of AI.

Imagine holding an extremely complex experiment with everything on the line. Under high pressure, it is common for people to miss something. And AI assistants could calculate the outcome for you and potentially prevent a fatal collapse.


Or let’s take marketing for example. Releasing a new product is a risk for the whole company. Who knows if people are going to like it or not? The predictive algorithm will use all the up to date data of user preferences and will predict your costumers’ response to the innovation. This, as well, could prevent a huge failure or assure success.

 #5 Attract new customers

Using the predictive algorithm we talked about earlier, AI is going to be able to analyze the market audience and offer you some suggestions that could certainly attract new customers. Because Artificial Intelligence is a self-learning program, and as time passes it will update and be able to target more people.

Attract new customers

#6 Real-time customer service

Implementing AI in your business is a must. This will provide your customers with 24/7 support. AI will be able to answer frequently asked questions in real-time. That will save you time and provide a pleasant experience for your users.

#7 Graphics generation

Being a hardware enthusiast myself, I’m really excited about this one.

Generating computer graphics, especially for games or movies, isn’t an easy task even for the most skilled artists. Creating a perfect shot requires every detail to be thought through. And that is a very time-consuming process.

Graphics generation

Many hardware development companies, like AMD or NVIDIA, have already been trying to use AI in their advance. Recently we saw an appearance of ray tracing technology, that could predict light’s behavior. Thanks to that, photorealistic shots can now be generated in a matter of seconds. And that is not the limit!


The efficiency gain is the key benefit for any business in our world. And as the results show, companies, that have adopted AI technology, have seen a noticeable growth in their products’ quality compared to the companies, that didn’t.

 AI saves time and money, automates various tasks and in some cases performs better than humans.

Many famous brands have trusted millions or even billions of dollars into further development of this technology so a bright future is expected. And, personally, I would highly recommend you to try to put this growing technology into action in your company. Believe me, you won’t regret it!

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