How Web Solutions Endows Firms to Lead in Web Industry

How Web Solutions Endows Firms to Lead in Web Industry

Incepted in 2016 and based at Yerevan, AIST caters its clients with the best possible digital solutions. Holding experience of more than 15 years, the professionals at AIST have developed more than 65 software products with 700000+ hours of code written. The professionals at the organization understand and value the importance of time and the budget settings of the clients. Recently GoodFirms’ team interviewed Hrayr Shahbazyan who not only unveiled the company’s services but also described the standard of working of the professionals.

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Starting with the interview Hrayr says that as the CEO of the company he is responsible for the day to day tasks and smooth functioning of the company’s different processes. The idea behind the inception of the company is to help the businesses survive in the competitive market by offering them solutions tailored to their particular needs. Adding to this, he is happy to mention that right now he is handling the in-house team and is trying to make the management process better by teambuilding. He also asserts that “We are specialized in e-learning, e-commerce, HR, and travel industries. However, we are always looking for new challenges and work on great start-up ideas. With most of our clients, we make long-term relationships.”

Talking about the furnishing services, Hrayr is elated to share the two most flourishing services - web and mobile app development services. The group of dedicated web developers helps clients with essential informational websites as well as with the intricate web or mobile apps. Moreover, the team guarantees the customers get high-quality services at an affordable cost. Besides this, the developers know about building websites for almost all buyers from different sectors. They also offer all sorts of applications, right from online forms and workflow software to complete management systems. The in-house team of developers also builds online portals for patrons from scratch by leveraging different platforms. The group at the company is well-versed in fixing bugs and resolving issues on the clients’ websites.

Moreover, the cross-functional unit of developers helps clients guard their sites and prevent further problems. AIST Global has developed highly customized, secure, and scalable systems as per the needs of its clients and given the services & solutions provided by the firm, it is soon likely to be ranked among the top web development companies at GoodFirms.

The internal group of app developers serves clients to launch high-end and visually beautiful mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms. The in-house group works with the clients and their respective units for outlining and strategy. With this, the company even helps the clients fetch user-engagement and sales by crafting applications for Apple and Google App stores. Also, the app developers design personalized apps and deploy enterprise apps that can streamline and assemble the inward-facing systems of the customers’ business. Thus, strengthened by a unit of expert developers with a comprehensive approach towards the app development lifecycle, AIST Global will soon rank as one of the top app design agencies in Dever on the GoodFirms research platform.

The review displayed confirms the quality apps developed at AIST.

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