7 SEO Trends You Need to Know in This 2020

7 SEO Trends You Need to Know in This 2020

SEO has always been an integral part of growing a business. It’s something business owners or marketing experts should always take into consideration. Web design, content, and other aspects of a website are important, but if you want your business to be on top of the search engine of Google, it’s best to implement the rules they have laid out. This means doing ample research and checking out what an SEO analyst such as Charles Floate have to say.

Google’s algorithm, just like Facebook, constantly changes to cater to the needs of the readers or users; and to provide users with a safer online experience. Hence, there are new trends every year to make users’ experience great.

These trends are helpful for businesses, marketing experts, and SEO experts to watch out for in order for them to implement it on their marketing strategy.

Here are SEO Trends Businesses Should Look Out For

1. Zero-click Searches

In the past, businesses aim to be at the forefront of Google’s page. Being on the number one page of Google means that your website is trustworthy and that you followed Google’s implemented guidelines. But not anymore.

In 2020, being on Google’s page one is not the goal. The goal is to be on top of Google’s search engine results. What does this mean? Currently, Google features articles on top of the search results. This top position is called Position 0. When a user typed a certain question, Google will provide a website that has a direct answer to the user’s question.

When your website is seen in position 0, it shows a snippet of the content, which is known as the Featured Snippet.

Zero-click search

One of our articles featured on Google

Being on top of Google’s search engine guarantees a 54.58% click, which can increase your website’s traffic.

2. Secure Website

Although the security of a website doesn’t directly affect your SEO’s ranking, it has to be taken seriously. Users are hesitant to visit a site that has a warning sign. Therefore, you have to take great measures to secure your website.

If a website is well-secured, more people will be able to visit, hence increasing your website's credibility and Google ranking.

A website that has an HTTPS helps provide security between your website and your user’s browser.


Secure Website

2020 is the year when businesses are going to invest in their website's security.

3. Hello, Voice Search

According to some researches, it has been predicted that by 2020, 50% of searches conducted will be done via voice search. Now, it became easier to do online searches because even mobile devices allow voice search, and it comes in 119 languages. This data alone gives us an idea that voice searches are here to stay for a long time.

Google has also recognized this trend, and therefore, included that a voice search-friendly website has a higher chance of being on the top of their search engine. 

Voice Search

When incorporating voice searches into your SEO strategy, it is important to take into consideration that keywords for this type of searching behavior differ from typing the searches.

Most people who type their searches in Google only uses words/ phrase that sometimes doesn’t make sense. But for voice searches, often people use complete sentences.

4. Mobile-friendly User

Other statistics reveal that there are about 5.1 billion mobile phone users in the world, and people conduct most of their searches via their phones. Since this is the trend, Google wants to cater to its users' convenience, and hence mobile-friendly versions of websites are what Google prioritizes.

It is not only important to make a mobile version of your website, but you must also take into consideration the loading time for your site as this could also affect your search engine ranking on Google.

Mobile-friendly User

AMP is implemented by google to achieve a fast loading page to about 0.7 seconds only. The faster your site loads, the more traffic enters, the higher your website ranks on Google.

5. Content is Always King!

With all the trends to follow and incorporate into your SEO strategy, one thing that will always be part of it, good content! No matter how advanced technology may be, no matter how many new guidelines Google insists to rank a website, the content will always be one of the most important aspects.

Google aims to deliver an informative answer to the needs and questions of users, that’s why it is important to provide well-researched website copywriting content for your readers.

With the appropriate usage of keywords, and after implementing all of Google’s guidelines, it is certain with great content a website will gain more traffic.

Be creative with your content. Use infographics, photos, videos, and other ways to entice your readers to stay on your site, and to keep coming back for more. Find out what content works for your customers or audience.

Content is Always King

Today, more and more people watch videos online. This trend alone can be used to provide content that is more visual for people to stay entertained on your site.

Since people don’t like looking on different websites for answers, it is important to also take into consideration the length of your article. An article written with 2000 words or more is more likely to make readers stay, as this provides them more information they need. Therefore, there is no need to look for more sources.

However, writing a lengthy article while compromising the value of the content could affect your SEO ranking.

6. Invest in Influencers

This may sound like nothing to do with SEO, but actually, influencers have a massive impact on a website's ranking.

In today’s world, influencers have a louder voice to attract customers. 49% of buyers rely on reviews coming from influencers because instead of the generic ad seen on TV, influencers provide them with genuine reviews.

When a business partner up with an influencer, they could receive good ROI, and their websites can generate traffic from an influencer's recommendation alone. Aside from that, influencers can also provide backlinks. These rich backlinks will help your website increase on Google’s search engine.

Influencers' role in website ranking

One of our clients' feedback

However, remember that when finding an influencer, hire someone who has a similar niche to yours.

7. User Experience

When it comes to SEO 2020 trends, Google’s priority will always be the users. Therefore, most of Google’s rules for websites to rank higher are based on the user’s activity or behavior.

Hence, businesses with websites should always produce content that users are interested in. It is not only the content that matters but a convenient and friendly website too.

User experience in SEO

A website that loads faster, not only on its mobile version, gets positive results from users. The users' experience is the business’s and Google’s priority.


With all of these trends emerging, it is best to always keep up with them if businesses want to grow their brand and be one step ahead of their competitors. Staying in touch with trends also help you implement new strategies for your content marketing. Google often changes its algorithm to provide the best services they can for their users, and so as a business, it is your responsibility to also keep up with these updates and to also provide a great service to your customers.


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