5 Top Programming Languages 2019

5 Top Programming Languages 2019

With the expansion and constant development in web technology, it is vital for every business to have a website with highly functional tools and visually attractive interface. For comprehending the importance of web-development for your business- look around. The first and the most crucial factor in creating a website is the web development and the languages that a programmer uses. 

"What language must a developer use" remain one of the discussed topics in the field. A programming solution is mostly chosen according to the type of required application. In the business application process, the choice of programming language is an influential factor, and there is an immense variety of options out there. Not only flashy trends and popularity factor but the functionality matters. The good news is that there is not just one optimized answer to this problem.

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Let’s say you are wavering between C, PHP or Java for your web application.  While C is a useful solution for running web microservers, PHP will make your application more aligned. On the other hand, Java can adopt a stable application server. 

According to the latest surveys, there are mainly six languages that remained as top in the charts. To help you in making a posted decision we offer you the listed options below:

1. JAVA 

It is a class-founded and object-oriented language, intended to work across numerous software platforms. Java is the most popular language, which is used to create the back end of the application. It is also a platform (notably Java EE) and remains widely used in an enterprise. Recently, the Android functioning system has opened up a new market for Java programming language. The only disadvantage of Java is considered being the less user-friendly language.

2. C and C++

C is the eldest and most extensively used programming language. It offers blocks for building additional popular languages. C and C++ are also very popular in business applications, although they are mostly used for system programming. Adopting its frameworks (such as Qt.) avoids some inconveniences for these languages. C++ is designed to improve the C language. It is used to strengthen high-performance client applications. 

3. PHP

PHP remains in the spotlight of this sector. PHP is free of cost language for dynamic websites and applications. Today, it runs many features previously trusted to the back-end. Its best part is that it can be embedded into an HTML source paper. It is a server-side scripting language; a wide choice for developers around the world. 

The most important factor is that PHP runs more than 200 million websites such as WordPress and Facebook.  

4. Python

Python is considered a reasonably easy language for its readability. Plus, a compacted syntax makes the developers fall for it to express solutions. Python is the response if you are looking for fewer lines of codes. It is an over-all purpose language with different modules for analysing and visualising data. 

Web apps such as Pinterest and Instagram use Python framework and as well as, network apps like Google and Yahoo!. Great news for you, this object-oriented script language is a convenient choice for a business application.  

5. JavaScript

JavaScript, one of the three core technologies of the World Wide Web, can be used sideways with many web browsers. It is crucial for developing communication, and animated web function. Although it is used in game development, it is the main language in writing desktop apps. Its presence in Google Chrome and Apple Safari additions make it high ranked. A contemporary developer uses JavaScript as an important tool for everyday coding. 

In a web-based business, application JavaScript is used for visualising the business process. You can display all the primary business process on a diagram, to see the whole picture in one glance. JavaScript flowcharts become very useful.   


Some programming languages stand out because of their wide use on the Internet. 

Many business applications are usually programmed on a web application model. In the flourishing demand for higher needs new languages are developing. 

Many new-generation programming languages appear for better application design and security. For developers, it is the priority to have a simple access solution also. 

Hope the above overview made you more confident in this dilemma. Are you still in search for deciding to choose the right language? Do not delay to refer to our professional and skilled team.

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