Choosing Right Website Design for Your Business

Choosing Right Website Design for Your Business

Choosing Right Website Design for Your Business

If you have not paid much attention to your website design, this article will make you think over it and decide on making appropriate changes.

You may wonder why you need the right website design while creating a website for your business. That is great to know what type of design you need to choose for your business. Many companies lack in selecting the design for their website relevant to their business type, and this is one of the reasons why they fail in attracting people.

The first impression a client gets when entering a company website is from its design and its overall construction. Because design isn’t just about crafting pixels or making products, it’s about creating possibilities.

In general, while choosing a design for your website, you need to consider what design model will represent your business culture at its best. Mostly you need to take into consideration the color base, fonts, pictures, buttons, background, animations. All of the points mentioned above help you create the general look of your website and help visitors get the first impression from your company, quality, and professionalism.

The further activities of the visitor mainly depend on the first impression they get from the website. If you go to a site which does not look professional, you will have no guarantee of their service quality. For example, let us take the most successful eCommerce websites, either eBay or Amazon or any other known by you, they mostly have a white background and visual, eye-catching photos, buttons and titles written inside.

eCommerce websites

eBay uses friendly and professional page layout; it does not pour too much content on one page; it makes it look professional and straightforward. I will also explain what colors you need to choose in which case for more effectiveness. Colors greatly influence the human state of mind. So while deciding over your design, do not forget about colors.

For instance, if you want to build a website for your skin care products  you better have a friendly look in your website, with sweet natural colors which make ecologic and organic impression/green, beige, white, brown, avoid using too vivid and artificial impression making colors like bright yellow, bright green, orange and vivid shades of pink and purple. You can use a light pink color in your design for skin & hair care products, or cosmetics which drives feminine energy.

Skin care websites

Also, avoid using dark colors too much. If you have decided to make the background of your cosmetics selling website black then you need to have product boxes of lighter colors, see some examples below of the most popular websites, below are MAC Cosmetics and Avon websites. MAC uses black in its background with lighter banners and commercial sections. AVON, on the contrary, uses white in general for its background.

Social media websites

If you represent a social or a mass media company, you need to focus on keeping your front contents short with attractive words and sentences, here it mostly comes to the content design and planning. Use contrasts in terms of color; keep the classic color base. For example, take CNN as one of the best examples for such website designs. They use classic triple colors of black, white, and red, which are simple but eye-catching. They do not put too much content on the front page, keep short and create catchy titles.

In the case of banks and insurance companies, you need to have a design which drives a sense of responsibility and reliability. Use more of grey, brown, green colors in this case to make the impression of being reliable and trustworthy.

Hotels/ Restaurants/Vocational and Entertainment companies need to have more bright colors like purple, red, orange, yellow, green. These are the cases where you can put everything in colors, background, titles, texts, layouts, etc., here you need to find the best eye-catching appearance.

Do not put too many photos on the front pages, instead insert some animations. Share on the first pages of your website some success stories, recent experiences that you had with your clients. Below are two very successful examples of similar companies.


One is the website of a famous French theater called CENTRE DU THEATRE D’AUJOURD’HUI developed by AIST Global IT company which attracts me most of all: it has very grammatical and intelligent look, it is very professional, the design patterns are selected smartly, the background and layout colors have visual attractiveness and give calmness like an opera song.

They fill me up with positive tunes, and I am ready for my journey on the website. I advise you also to take a look at this website and enjoy its appearance.

I hope this article will help you to choose the right website design for your business. Pay attention to your design as it is the visit card for a visitor to learn more about your business.

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